A school management software essentially helps a school in increasing their productivity by providing a set of features and functions to automate processes, reduce manual work and improve the school’s efficiency in completing a specific task.

It is also helps to improve communication between the school, parents, teachers and children.   

A good school management software or a school app takes care of the complete life cycle from student admission, sharing essential information, collecting payments to sending digital report cards and timetables. 

Here are the 15 awesome benefits/advantages of getting a School Management Software are

Automate Repetitive Tasks 

Technology minimizes the need to perform repetitive tasks. A top killer of schools productivity is repetitive work that teachers are expected to do. Be it manual effort of filling forms or writing in a student diary, multiplied by 20 to 50 students in a class. Which means repeated entry of the same data 50 times! Or sending repeated reminders as messages or emails to parents. And doing all of that every day, week, or month. Automation is one of the benefits of a school management software or a school app. 

Improve Communication 

The key to improve communication between parents, teachers and the school is by keeping communication flowing without interruption. It is important to reach parents where they are. To make it easy for them to reply to you. With in-app notifications, teachers can send messages to parents and reach them instantly. A school software encourages parents to comment on posts,ask questions and acknowledge messages. It also provides a means for parents to comment, ask questions and acknowledge messages. Take a look at 10 awesome ways to engage with parents to know more on improving school parent communication and engagement. 

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Reduce Manual Work

A school management software is designed to make teachers and parents life more organised and easily manageable. Let's take an example. Schools provide a printed admission form. Parents have to fill this form every academic year. This is a manual effort. Once the form is filled, the school administration has to digitise it. They will probably enter all this data into the system. What if an admission form is available in the school management software and once parents enter information, it can automatically be exported to an excel file by the school?

Same thing applies for school timetable as well. The class teacher has to manually enter the school time table into every child’s diary. This consumes a lot of time. A school app or a school management software reduces this manual work. 


Increase Brand Image

Whether or not you are getting an app for brand building, it indirectly helps you build your brand. Your app allows others to perceive you as a company that is forward in thinking. You will also be seen as someone who is digitally savvy. A school with growth mindset will want to communicate effectively and improve relationships. 

Teachers, students and parents with interest in your school will have you on the top of mind recall. This is one of the benefits of a  school management software. 

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Have Quick Access 

Nothing is more effective that reaching parents and teachers on a platform they are mostly seen using. With Covid, schools are struggling to continue doing business and engage with parents and teachers. They resort to rigid chat platforms which increases workload and distraction. If you have a school app or a school management software system, there will be no break in flow. Be it work from home or from the school. Engagement will continue and business will happen with or without Covid. 


Better Data Storage 

Everything is stored on cloud these days. In the event that you store data locally, its recommended to have a backup on cloud.. 


  • Let's say you laptop crashed. Your data is still safe. Since everything is stored on cloud. 
  • You can have better control so others cannot access important information such as contact details of the students and parents. 
  • You don't have to worry about memory space. 

The advantage of a cloud-based school management software or app has is that, it lets you have the flexibility and control on how you manage your school data. 

Reduce Cost

Getting the right School Management Software or a mobile app for your school will be a cost effective solution for managing daily school operations.

Let us look at it with few examples. 

  • Ordering students diary can be avoided. You can do that digitally in your school app. 
  • No need to print circulars or notices. Just attach a soft copy in the school app. Save on printing cost. 
  • No more physical report cards. Use ready templates in the school app. 
  • No need to print school timetables or send printed reminders on payments due. 

A school management software or a school app takes care of all of these digitally. 

Access from Anywhere 

Imagine the flexibility of working from anywhere, yet having a good control on your day to day operations in your school! You can assign teachers as admins and delegate work. Since everything is on cloud, you can access your app from anywhere. 

More and more people are working from home. The benefits of a school app or school management software is that, your school can function efficiently irrespective of where you are.

Increase Productivity 

Every business concern is to improve their productivity to have better revenue and growth. Schools are no different. The benefit of getting a School Management Software is that, it provides features and functions that are designed to reduce your effort and increase schools efficiency. A generic chat platform will not give schools that advantage. 


Effective Collaboration 

Collaboration is the key for any business to grow. Principal should be able to effectively collaborate with teachers to keep the vision of the school intact.  Teachers should be able to collaborate with parents and get consistent feedback from them. 

Teachers should also be able to collaborate with students. Be it for sending homework assignments. Or getting notified when its complete. The benefit of a school management software is that, it allows effective collaboration opportunities. 

Lesser Paper Work

Being an environmentally responsible let's parents see your school in a positive light. Be conscious about the environment and use less paper. Teachers, parents and even investors will appreciate the efforts you put in to be a responsible school. Digitise daily operations and go paperless as possible. 

The advantage of a school management software or a school app is that you can avoid printing and work digitally. 

Increase Teaching Time 

Good schools focuses on quality of education. Teachers provide attention to the children and the focus is on the quality of education. Imagine repetitive tasks, mundane work and manual effort is reduced or automated?

The advantage of school management software is that, it takes away the frills and allows teachers with extra time in their hands. Teachers can use this freed up time on other things as well. 

Payment Collection Made Easy 

One concern about running a school is the business side of it. That is, fees collection from parents. This starts with sending a printed circular with fee details. Followed by regular reminders to pay the fees through sms or email or whatsapp. When parents pay fees, schools have to give them a printed receipt. 

The benefit of a school management software is that, schools can create payment invoice in their app, share to different classes and parents can pay through the app itself and get an automated payment receipt. 

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Increase Admissions

To start an academic year, the school needs to do a lot of preparation work. Ensuring admission forms are printed, having extra people to manage admissions at school, welcoming parents, the wait time for them and so on. It takes away a big chunk of the school’s time. Imagine being able to manage admissions through your school app or school management software?

The school owners have time to promote their school through other platforms and increase admissions. That's the advantage of a school management software. 

Reduce Workforce

The benefit of a school management software or a school app is that, it essentially focuses on reducing manual work and increasing school productivity. This means a lot of work that needed manual effort can be completed in just few minutes. Hence the efficiency of the staff is increased. They have more time in their hand to take on extra roles. And there is less need to keep more people on the payroll.

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