In this day and age, technology is designed to make teachers, school and student’s life more organised and easily manageable. During every academic year, the class teacher has to manually sit and enter the finalised school time table into every child’s diary. This takes away so much of their time. With the change in technology, schools are reaching parents more and more on their mobile devices. Sharing school time table for one is also digitised to improve the overall efficiency of all. With an easy to use UI, teachers can create timetable in just a few minutes using ready to use school time table templates on ONNE. And parents need not wait till the end of day to see it. It reaches them on their mobile instantly.

On ONNE, as we aim to improve the efficiency by 30%, we have looked into all the features that a school actually needs and have worked on an effective school time table management module that is efficient and effective for schools.

Why manage your Timetable via app?

Creating school time table on a school apps or school management software like ONNE, provides the school the advantage of managing teachers, their time, substitution in the event they take leave and without having to worry about making these changes manually. That kind of manual effort can be quite daunting for the school.

Children are also able to carry the books that are necessary for a specific day and not lug around with all the books weighing on their back. Getting latest school time table on the phone, receiving updates on any changes, as in app notification etc puts the students, parents and the teachers at ease. All of this in real time!

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11 amazing benefits of using an app for your school’s timetable management

  1. Save time and effort of teachers.
  2. Communicate with parents/ students in real time.
  3. The chances of making errors are low.
  4. No need for printing and wasting paper. Schools can become eco friendly.
  5. Reliable system where data comes into the mobile devices of parents.
  6. Make innumerable changes in a jiffy without having to worry about cost.
  7. Replace teachers for a specific class easily and send updates
  8. Parents will know exactly where their child’s class will be, their break time and who will be teaching which subject.
  9. Easy to use UI makes the process of creating a timetable a pleasant experience.
  10. Teachers are able to focus on other things instead of writing timetables manually, diary after diary.
  11. Multiple school time tables can be created based on classes, all under one platform

Bring  parents and the school closer by using the timetable module of your school apps or mobile app for school on ONNE.

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