Mobile app for schools have become increasingly popular in the last decade with the rapid growth of mobile phones in the education segment. 

Parent Teacher Communication apps improve parent teacher communication. It helps the school to manage daily activities on their app. A mobile app for school also helps in improving efficiency for parents and teachers alike.


Number of mobile app downloads worldwide, 2016, 2017 and 2021



Source: Statistica

It comes as no surprise that there is a significant growth in the number of mobile phone users. With the changing trend and the digital age, Kindergartens to Universities are also getting an app for their school to stay abreast of the changing market need. The motive to use app for school is to help parents and students to stay in touch and communicate more effectively.


Small preschools who are not able get their own school app opt for chat platforms such as whatsapp to fulfil this need. This is because they do not have the time and the money to spend on developing expensive mobile app for schools. However, whatsapp as a platform for schools can get crowded and drain school time in unnecessary chatter. You can read about the pros and cons of using whatsapp for your school here.


So why does your school really need an mobile app and what does a school app help you achieve?



Reduce Paper Work

Significantly reduce the number of paper documents that is being sent to the students and parents. Most of these information can be shared digitally using your school app and can reach  on the mobile devices. You can share exam schedules, daily reports, progress cards, timetable and more using a mobile app for school. This also means a huge savings in cost.

Manage Attendance

Receive leave application from parents on your school app. Parents can apply for child’s leave and you will be able to view it. School can also send absentee list on a daily basis for parents to see. Choose the list of absentees from your contact list to send in one tap.

Share Events and get RSVP

Organize your events with maximum comfort. Send event alerts from the school app and get RSVP notifications. You can also reach out to the parents who are yet to confirm via school app. Imagine doing the same thing, over a phone call. Time consuming.

Send Alerts/ Real-Time Notifications

Inform students and parents about any change in plan because of a change in weather condition or any unforeseen circumstance thereby avoids frustration. Schedule reminders in your school parent app and it can automatically be sent by the system before the event.


Share Timetable/Schedules

Send class wise timetables to different class groups in your preschool. Send common schedule if any to all the students in one go. Upload timetable or choose from readily available templates. Update any number of times you want.

Collect Fees

Avoid phone calls, emails, messages and notes in children books reminding on the fee due date. Automate the process by Scheduling reminders on upcoming fees, share fee reminders individually or to groups, track payments received and notify parents on pending payments and more using your school app.

Improve Communication

Send daily child report for parents to see and keep track on what is happening in the preschool. You can also send messages in the form of posts and alerts, images and videos for parents to view, like, comment and share across various social media platforms. This helps in improving communication between the parent and the preschool.

Reduce The No Of Calls You Receive

You can reduce the number of phone calls and unnecessary questions.asked by keeping communication clean and simple using your school app. This helps in having a healthy relationship with the students and parents.

Improve Brand Image

By getting a mobile app for your school, you are catching up with the trend of going digital and staying relevant. It helps in improving your brand image and also brand visibility and a positive brand reinforcement amongst parents who are looking for a school for their children.

Better Relationship

Share photos and videos of happenings at school for students and parents to see via the school management app. An app for school is great to improve communication between school and parents.  Parents can like, share and comment on the post and share a better relationship with the school.

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