Keeping in touch with parents is like a PR exercise by itself. Don’t you think? It is necessary to engage with them - just enough to keep them abreast of what's 

happening in the school and to let them know how students are benefitting from the various curriculum to non-curricular activities. At the same time, you don’t want to spam them though various communication channels, leading to frustration and dislike to open messages from you

With the change in technology over the years, preschools have resorted to various communication channels that makes it easier for parents and schools to reach out and exchange information. So what options do preschools have and how effective can these channels be to improve school parent engagement?



Remember when an email in your inbox was as good as a postman dropping a wrapped gift at your doorstep? The excitement to see what has arrived? Those days are gone. People rely on other platforms such as twitter, facebook messenger, whatsapp, Imessage, skype to keep in touch with those who matter. Emails are slowly becoming passe. So sending mails, although there is surety of delivery does not guarantee open rate.

‘’Go where your customers are’’ 

Communication is evolving and preschools need to find a better, more engaging ways to keep in touch with their customers.



With 200 million active users, you know for sure that most people who own a smartphone are on it. Why? Ease of use and it doesn't even cost a dime. But preschools need a better platform than whatsapp to keep in touch with the parents. There are pros and cons of using whatsapp in schools.

Schools may need to send different messages, some that requires a response while others are just one-sided information. Whatsapp does not provide that comfort. It is still a CHAT app with linear communication that eventually results in a lot of noise.



Extremely old fashioned, we agree. But it works. You can send printed information to the parents via children or using postal services. However, this isn’t the most environment friendly way any more. It costs a lot of money and harmful for the the planet we live in.


Social Media


Everyone is on Social Media - well almost. It comes as no surprise that schools have a Facebook page and they respond to questions on chat. But just like whatsapp, facebook takes away a lot of precious time leading to unproductivity.

According to TeamLease World of Work Report,

‘’An average of 2.35 hours is spent accessing social media at work every day and 13 percent of the total productivity is lost owing to the social media indulgence alone.”

Although social media gives us ease to reach people, it is a distracting platform taking away the focus from what schools want to communicate to parents.

Stand Alone Apps


Getting a mobile app for your school is the best way to keep in touch and communicate effectively with parents and students. Parent teacher communication app makes parent teacher communication effective. Unlike social media and chat platforms, stand alone apps offers a structure in communication. Best mobile app for schools are designed to make communication easy for teachers. it also helps in saving time, effort for both parents and students and is literally spam free. The only issue with stand alone apps are the cost and time involved in developing it.

Once it is developed, it also needs to be maintained, upgraded, bugs fixed and more. Unless there is constant tech support, it is not easy to manage an independent stand alone app. Many schools do not have the time, money and resources to develop and maintain their app.

Ready apps for Preschools

best apps for primary school

This is a great alternative for stand alone apps. Imagine having a ready-to-use app that you can launch within 3 minutes? Apps hosted on platform such as ONNE offers just that. A quick and easy app for schools, you can sign up and start communicating with your parents instantly. So what all does a ready to use school app on ONNE has to offer?

  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Application Form
  • Sharing Exam Schedules
  • Send Timetables
  • Broadcast to different class groups or send one-on-one
  • Send now or schedule for later
  • Share Photos, Videos, Documents
  • Send Posts, Alerts
  • Send Event Invites
  • Receive event RSVP
  • Choose from ready to use templates
  • Easy admin panel access to manage app
  • Daily Reports
  • Progress Card
  • Fee Reminders
  • Fee Collection
  • And More


Your  mobile app for school  can be customised. It can also have all the features of a stand alone app and is priced as low as USD 10 a month. What more? No need to worry about app maintenance and upgrades. It gets covered in the same cost and all your data is secured safely in cloud.

Looking at getting an app for your school? Try  ONNE  app for schools now.

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