You already know that storytelling is an art. Some of the best brands we know today are great storytellers. Great stories are inspiring, relatable, educative, informative, emotive, contagious, inclusive and believable!

But what does storytelling do to your school?

    • It connects with your audience needs.
    • Storytelling differentiates you, giving you a competitive edge.
    • It establishes your personal credibility.

How do you use storytelling to sell your brand and vision?

How do you use stories to inspire people and make them look at your school in a positive light?

What stories would your target audience aka parents / students be interested in?

Share pictures of what happened in your school. It need not be specific to a special event like Annual Day or Christmas Celebration. That is just one part of storytelling with photographs. Some of the stories you can share through photographs are

  • A regular day at school – Share candid pictures of a classroom with activities 
  • How kids play – Snap pictures of their outdoor activity
  • Art and Craft – Share photographs of things the kids learn to do
  • Life skills – Teach the kids to water plants or fold their handkerchiefs and take pictures

Get creative and think of a few more…

  • Assembly/ Prayer Sessions
  • An empty class room before kids come in the morning
  • Class teachers prepping props or books to teach for the day.

Stories through Videos

You can do video recording of teachers taking to students or give a topic to kids and ask them to talk about it and record using your phone.

A simple question like, ‘Why should you eat vegetables’ or ‘what would you like to become when you grow old’, or ‘why I love my mommy’, can start an interesting, fun filled discussion. Capture these videos and share it on your School’s YouTube page.

You can also have kids role-play and take videos of it. Humour sells better than anything else and listening to their kid talk about various things will bring a smile on the parent’s face.

They are most likely going to share these videos on their family chat group or amongst friends, increasing more awareness for your school.

Personal Story

If you are the founder of the school, talk about how you came about starting a school. What drives you? Your motivation? What you would like to achieve in the future and how far have you come. Personal story helps your audience know you and also helps them connect with you a little better.

Success Stories

You can thump your chest on Awards and Achievements and let your audience know what a great school yours is, for kids to study. This can be done by sharing success stories of ...

Teachers/ Owners – If you have a stellar team to talk about, say what they offer and how the kids can benefit from them.


Students – If students studying in your school has achieved awards, let’s say for example, in a national painting competition, talk about it and don’t forget to mention how you as a school look at education beyond books with focus on overall growth.

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Stories through Influencers

Parents are your primary influencers. Ask your happy parents to talk about your school. This can be done through

  • Written testimonials on Social Media
  • Written testimonials on your website
  • Video recordings of them talking about your school

Get influential people from the society to talk about your school. They can be invited as a chief guest for your function. Create videos of them, talking about the upcoming event at your school and request them to share on their personal profile.

Once you create these stories, where do you share them?

  • Social Media – Find which platforms your audience use and be seen
  • Blog – Create a blog page and keep adding content
  • Website – Keep it up-to-date
  • Email – Good old method
  • Advertisement – Facebook ads and google AdWords are two good options for your to consider
  • Your School App – Nothing like your own school app to establish trust and build your brand image. Get your app on ONNE. It takes just 3 minutes to sign up

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