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Secrets of successful schools no one told you

What is the secret sauce of successful schools? What do they do to make it more desirable for parents to send their child there? Why do kids love waking up and going to these schools? Have you ever wondered why are they doing that you are not doing? It cannot be rocket science! It has to do with the right mix of few elements that are carefully chosen and worked upon. Day in and day out. Do you run a preschool ...

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Pros & Cons of Using Whatsapp for your School

Schools need an app to communicate and keep in touch with the parents and students. Some preschools have their own mobile app and it helps them  have a  structured form of communication. Preschools however, are unable to develop a school app due to the cost and time factor. Not only the development of a school app, but maintaining the app, making regular upgrades, fixing bugs etc are not feasible. They choose chat platformsinstead to keep in touch.Chat platforms are great for personal ...

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