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Pros & Cons of Using Whatsapp for your School

Schools need a mobile app to communicateand keep in touch with parents and students. Some preschools have their own school management software and it helps them  have a  structured form of communication. Preschools however, are unable to develop a school mobile app or get school management software due to the cost and time factor. Not only the development of a school app, but maintaining the app, making regular upgrades, fixing bugs etc are not feasible. They choose chat platforms instead to ...

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Why standalone apps fail?

3 out of 10 apps are uninstalled within 30 days of download.From phone performance to usability to reliability - let us look at the common reasons why developing stand alone apps  is not a good option.If you want users to stick to you,  choose an app platform like ONNE. ONNE  provides ready to use apps you can create and launch in 3 minutes.Thinking of developing an app for your business? Get your app at the cost of a taxi ride now.  

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