Traditional schooling methods have been under question ever since the COVID-19 pandemic this year. School owners, principals and teachers are still trying to come to terms with this new method of teaching. Parents and students cannot be discounted here since they are trying to change and adapt to this new form of learning. No one knows when life will go back to normal or may be, this is the new normal? While meeting one-on-one, interacting, developing social skills and learning in person has a huge advantage, it’s a good opportunity to see the benefits online classes bring in your school management app.

Lower cost

Schools can save on infrastructure cost by going digital. Cutting down on rental, if negotiated, electricity, and water usage can bring in a significant amount of saving. Also by reducing manpower and retaining only essential staff, and by avoiding the purchase of expensive textbooks, schools can significantly cut down on their expenses. It’s also a cost efficient method for students and parents. No more expenditure on commuting, replenishing fuel, or buying material books and uniforms. You continue imparting learning using your school app.

Less stress

Teachers spend a lot of energy focusing on how the class is run in a traditional environment. And when one class is over, they have to run to their next class. It’s difficult to take breaks. In an online environment, it’s easier to take regular breaks and manage the class more effectively. When live classes can be recorded, teachers can upload videos to their drive. They can also share these videos with students who weren't present.


Easy attendance

The manual attendance marking system that is used in a traditional classroom is time-consuming. By going digital, teachers can mark attendance in their school management app directly before each class. Students are instantly marked absent. Notifications are sent out without any delay.

Instant access

The ability to reach out to parents and students quickly online is a feature the school management software provides. An in-app notification, delivered straight to their phone that informs the recipient when the online class is scheduled to take place. This makes it easy to catch the attention of parents and students immediately. Also since the internet isn’t restricted by time, there is no traditional 9 to 3 or 4 pm timing for schools and students, allowing for flexible planning.



The comfort of working from home or studying from home reduces tension for both teachers and students.No morning rush hours. You don't have to worry about traffic jams. No need to fuel the car and worry about the time taken to commute. Online learning helps teachers and students communicate from the comfort of their homes or study table 🙂



Rigid systems are becoming passé. The freedom to learn during the online class or opting to see the video shared by the school later gives a lot of flexibility to both parents and students. Teachers are also able to plan their classes, pre-record lessons and share them with students using the school management app.

Content Storage

Sharing videos, documents, photos and assignments through the app means there’s no need for storing content locally. Schools can upload content to their school management app easily and without worrying about cluttered posts and uploads. Parents and students can download the content and use it at their leisure. They can also come back to the school app and refer to it later if necessary.

Learning real world skills

With changing circumstances, schools are adapting to new methods of teaching students. The focus is shifting from traditional subjects to topics that help students learn real life skills. And the method of delivery has become more immersive with videos and images mixed in that holds the attention of students for longer as they learn real life skills.


Lifelong learning

Online classes help students go digital. Kids are already tech-savvy these days and taking education online becomes a natural progression and an easy way to get them adapted to a new system of learning. The familiarity to use apps and respond to teachers comes naturally to them and lets teachers impart with their knowledge more easily and effectively.

Increases responsibility

With the adaptability and comfort online classes have to offer, it gives students a chance to learn how to be responsible for themselves while still letting their parents maintain control. Good school management software plays a vital role in this learning process. Timetables are shared within the app and notifications can serve as reminders for class timings and other events. Reminders are regularly sent to parents about payments and other official notices. Students are able to take the responsibility to attend these classes on a daily basis, thanks to the school management software or app but are also allowed to quickly catch up with their class should they miss any class by watching the videos uploaded by their teachers.

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