Timetable creation is part of parcel of teacher’s responsibility in school. In this day and age, technology enables communication, coordination and creation of features such as these, to simplify the school and teachers’ life.

How did school operates before?

During the olden days, it was the class teacher or the principal’s responsibility to sit and manually create timetables. This would be on a piece of paper, written with a pen or a pencil. Constant changes, errors, striking out, rewriting, changing time or subject or even class room can be a tiring and daunting exercise.

While there are tools like microsoft excel to create timetables now, it is still a manual effort to change and then email to all students and teachers. Then comes the printing part of it. To put it up on the notice board. Any changes made later may not reach the students on time and they could end up following the older timetable. Argh. You can imagine.

With parents, teachers and even students using smartphones, it's easier to reach them on the go with instant alerts and notifications to let them know of any changes made. Also changes can be made in a jiffy using the timetable app on ONNE. No more manual writing of timetable in the diary or printing and wasting paper to send it to the students home.Here we have listed 11 amazing benefits of using an app for school’s timetable management

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Why manage your Timetable via an app like ONNE?

Work efficiently! By creating school time table on a school apps or school management software like ONNE, it will provide you, the school owner or the principal complete control in managing teachers, their time, teacher substitution in case they fall sick or decide not to come to school due to unforeseen circumstances.

How does it benefit the students? Children will be able to carry books that are part of a specific day’s time table only. No more lugging around with all the books, breaking their back. Getting latest school time table on the phone, receiving updates on any changes, as in app notification etc puts the students, parents and the teachers at ease. All of this in real time!

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