Having an online church management app to keep in touch with your members makes life so much more easy. Afterall, all your church members are heavily dependent on their mobile devices already. But here's the thing. Do you know the number of apps that are created on a daily basis? While there are dime a dozen apps available to choose from, getting an app for your church has to be carefully thought through. Should you have an independent app for your church? This infographic on why standalone apps fail will help you decide better. Whether you get an independent app or want to get your own app on platform like ONNE, look for these awesome features. These features will make your church app work for you and your members.

Sermon Audios and Videos


Upload sermon audios and videos for your members to access. In case they have missed attending church or would like to refer to the sermon they heard on a Sunday morning for reference, your app should serve the purpose.


Integrate Events

What if you are able to notify all your members about an upcoming event and even get RSVP’s? Your church app should help in knowing the no of people who will definitely attend your event. It should also give you an opportunity to reach out to those members who are yet to confirm with a Yes, No or a Maybe.


Photo Gallery

Your Church app should allow members stay abreast about any activity that happens at the church. You should be able to upload photos of various events or functions for members to see. Members should also be able to engage with you by liking and commenting on the pictures. They should also be able to see other members comments and likes as well.


Social Media Sharing

Members should not only view your posts, audios, videos and images, but also have the option to share these activities onto various other social networks. This even helps non members know what is happening in your church. Your church will receive higher reach and engagement.


Receive Pledges

Give your members a means to focus on generosity. With your church management app you should be able to receive pledges from your members. Every church might have a budget created for various programs. Your church app should be able to allow members to see the budget and also help you in outreach with the help of the pledge option available in the app.


About Ministry

An about section in your church app will help to bring all your church information and services together in one place. New members of your church should know more about you and this section helps them connect with the church better. You should be able to share detailed information about the church history, Vision, Mission and even the Pastor here.


Push Messaging

Push notification messages not only communicates to active members, but even the ones who are not actively using the app. It will work as a great reminder for anything important such as meetings, bible study and more. You should be able to remind members about the church even when they’re not actively using the app.


Prayer Requests


What if you can keep all your prayer requests in one place? This feature helps the church organise, track and respond to members effectively without losing time. It will also help you know when and who has asked for these requests. Your app must allow members of your church to ask for prayer request from within the app.


News Feed

Each member gets to see your communication in the form of a newsfeed on their mobile. The church app will have various sections such as posts, events, gallery and more. This provides a lot more structure than using chat platforms like whatsapp in communicating with your members.


In Depth Analytics

Getting an app for your church doesn't end with just inviting members and actively posting there. Knowing the usage and activity on your app, will help know your members better. Which section of the app is used most, which post received better response and more. This will help you plan your engagement campaigns better.



Calendars function as a great reminder tool about the upcoming activities in your church. You can update the calendar and share with all your members in the app. They will in turn be able to keep track and plan their time better.


Customised features

Apart from all the above features, look for a church app which allows you to add one features relevant to your church. Branded with your name, logo, and brand colors, your app should provide you with complete control  on what information you want to share, how the app should look like and how it functions.

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