Before you decide to finalise on the coaching centre app or software, have a look at the salient features a coaching centre app must have.

1) Student Management

  • Create an unlimited number of groups
  • Add an unlimited number of students within a group
  • Get complete student profile with photo
  • Call student from within the app
  • Add the same student to any number of groups
  • Invite students through the phone book, social media, email or by sharing app invite link

2) Teacher Management

  • Make teachers as the admins or super admins
  • Teachers can manage their class group
  • Owners or super admins can see what each teacher is sharing in the app
  • Teachers can be admins for one or many groups
  • Mark Attendance for teachers
  • Send messages, alerts, and reminders 

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3) Class Management

  • Send information relevant to the class group
  • Other class students cannot see students names if they are not part of their class
  • Students cannot see the contact details of any students in the app.
  • Students cannot interact with other students in the class through the app
  • Teachers cannot see students who are not part of their class
  • Create an unlimited number of classes and have unlimited students

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4) Homework Management

  • Create assignments and share them with students
  • Send photos, pdf documents, videos, or links 
  • Send reminders on homework to be completed
  • Receive responses on the completed assignments
  • Share feedback on completed assignments

5) Fee Management

  • Create fees invoices and share them with students or parents
  • Automated payment reminders on pending dues
  • Share invoices individually or with class groups
  • Automatic payment receipt when payment is received 
  • A payment dashboard to track all pending and paid fees
  • Control who sees your fee management section

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6) Attendance Management

  • Mark attendance of students class-wise and day wise
  • Instant notification on attendance is sent to parents and students
  • Generate attendance reports for any day
  • Generate attendance reports for any class
  • Mark attendance for a whole day or a single session

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7) Report Management

  • Create and share branded progress reports using ready templates in the app
  • Just updated marks and beautiful reports are auto-generated
  • Forward these reports outside the app such as WhatsApp, email, or any social media
  • Create reports in bulk. Reports are personalized and send individually

8) Content/ Material Sharing

  • Share photos, documents, videos, and links to your coaching materials
  • Secure cloud storage allows students to access materials from the app anytime
  • Create a timetable using the preloaded template in the app

9) Online Classes

  • Zoom integrated live classes for students
  • Have any number of live classes at the same time
  • No need to sign in every time! One time log in to your live classes using the app

10) Tests

  • Create test questions of various types - MCQ, long, short answer, and checkbox question
  • Receive responses of individual students
  • Share responses via social media or any online tool apart from Onne app
  • Export answers to verify 

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11) Feedback & Polls

  • Create feedback and poll forms to collect regular feedback about your coaching centre
  • Choose from 4 types of questions to create these forms
  • Forms can be shared individually or to a group

12) Notifications

  • Get an instant push notification when students respond to your messages
  • Onne App notification has a unique sound so you and students know it is from the app

Get your coaching centre App on Onne with all the salient features listed above

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