School management software essentially helps a school in increasing their productivity by providing a set of features and functions to automate processes, reduce manual work and improve the school’s efficiency in completing a specific task.

It is also helps to improve communication between the school, its teachers, their students and parents.

Good school management software or a school app takes care of the complete system cycle from student admission, sharing essential information, collecting payments to sending digital report cards and timetables.

Here are the 15 awesome benefits/advantages of getting a School Management Software are

Automate Repetitive Tasks 

A killer of many schools' productivity is repetitive work that teachers are expected to do. Be it the manual effort of filling in forms or writing in a student diary, the effort multiplied by the number of students in the class which can go up to 50 or more. This would mean the repeated entry of the same data 50 times over in addition to sending reminders as messages or emails to parents! And doing all of that almost every day for weeks or months. The automation of repetitive and mundane tasks will lessen the burden on teachers and is one of the inherent benefits of  school management software. 

Improve Communication 

The key to improve communication between parents, teachers and the school is to keep it flowing without interruption. It is important to reach parents where they are; to make it easy for them to reply to you. Aided by in-app notifications, teachers can promptly send messages to parents and reach them instantly. School software encourages parents to comment on posts, clarify doubts and acknowledge messages while providing the means to do so. Take a look at 10 awesome ways to engage with parents to know more about improving school parent communication and engagement. 

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Reduce Manual Work

school management software is designed to make the lives of both teachers and parents more organised and more manageable. Let's look at an example; schools provide a printed admission form which is filled by the student's parents every academic year. This is a manual and inefficient process.

Once the form is filled, the school administration will now need to digitise it. The data is most likely entered into the system before being converted into an Excel file. What if the school had used school management software and sent the admission forms using the software, instead of printing out each and every form. Once parents enter the necessary information, it can automatically be exported as an excel file eliminating the cost of printing the forms and the loss of time?

A similar process is used for handing out new timetables; the class teacher has to repeatedly write the school time table into the diary of each student or the school will need to print timetables for all the students. This consumes a lot of time and, again, wastes paper. School management software is a smarter and more efficient method of keeping both parents and students informed of any timetable changes without wasting resources.


Increase Brand Image

Whether or not you are getting an app for brand building, using school management software will indirectly help you build your brand. Your app will allow others to perceive you as a company that thinks ahead. A school that wants to grow will have and want to communicate effectively and improve their relationships with the faculty, students and their parents. 

Teachers, students and parents looking for new schools will find your school higher on their list. Another advantage that stems from the use of  school management software. 

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Have Quick Access 

Nothing is more effective that reaching out to parents and teachers on a platform that's commonly used by them. With the Covid-19 outbreak, schools are struggling to continue day-to-day business and engage with parents and teachers. They resort to rigid chat platforms which aren't designed to streamline communication for professional use. The workload and distraction caused has a detrimental effect on productivity. If you have a school app or a  school management software system, there will be no break in flow. Be it from home or from school; a focused and a much more organised communication system will be in place and shall continue to operate whether or not the Covid-19 virus is out and about.


Better Data Storage 

Everything is stored on cloud these days. In the event that you store data locally, its recommended to have a backup on cloud.. 


  • Let's say your laptop has crashed. Your data will still be safe if everything was stored on the cloud since the cloud saves your data on a separate secure server accessible only by you.
  • You have better control so unauthorised users cannot access sensitive information such as the contact details of students and parents.
  • You don't have to worry about storage space since the data isn’t stored locally.  

Cloud-based school management software or app has is that, it lets you have the flexibility and control on how the school data is managed by you.

Reduce Cost

Getting the right School Management Software or a mobile app for your school will be a cost effective solution for managing daily school operations.

Let us illustrate at further it with few more examples.

  • Ordering students diary can be avoided. You can maintain a digital diary for each student in your school app. 
  • No need to print circulars or notices. Just post in your school app. Cut down on printing cost. 
  • No more physical report cards. Use ready-made templates in the school app and send them instantly. 
  • No need to print school timetables or send printed reminders on payments due. 

A school management software or a school app takes care of all of these with more ease and finesse online. 

Access from Anywhere 

Imagine the flexibility of working from anywhere, but maintaining good control on the day to day operations in your school! You can assign teachers as administrators and delegate work. Since everything is on the cloud, you can access your data from anywhere and any device. 

More and more people are working from home. The school management software or school app will enable your school to function efficiently irrespective of where you are.

Increase Productivity 

Every business concern is to sustainably improve their productivity to have better revenue and growth. Schools are no different. The benefit of getting a School Management Software reduces redundancy and streamlines otherwise more complicated and costly processes to increase the school's efficiency and productivity. A generic chat platform will not give schools that advantage since they haven't been designed with purpose in mind.


Effective Collaboration 

Collaboration is the key for any business to grow. The Principal should be able to effectively reach out to teachers and work with them to keep the vision of the school intact. Teachers should be able to easily communicate with parents and get consistent feedback from them. 

Teachers should also be able to collaborate with students. Whether it's for sending homework assignments or getting notified when its complete. The benefit of a school management software provides effective collaboration opportunities in an environment where communication is key. 

Lesser Paper Work

Being an environmentally responsible organisation or business will appeal to parents and students alike. Be conscious about the environment and use less paper. Teachers and even investors will also appreciate the efforts you put in to be a responsible school. Digitise daily operations and go paper-free wherever possible.

Increase Teaching Time 

Good schools focus on the quality of the education they provide. Teachers should be providing attention to their students and not on unnecessarily time-consuming paperwork. If all of that was digitalised, imagine how much more time they'd be able to spend on their students?

Payment Collection Made Easy 

A common concern that arises when running a school is its business aspect. This includes the collection of fees from parents. The parents are informed of the current term's fees with a circular and are periodically notified through an SMS or a text message until the fees is paid. Then the school has to print a receipt which has to be sent home to them. This is made much easier by the school management software which allows the creation of an invoice - using in-app features - which can then be categorically sent to each class, student and their respective parents. When the payment is completed, a receipt is automatically compiled and sent to them.

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Increase Admissions

To start an academic year the school needs to do a lot of preparation work: Ensuring admission forms are printed, having extra people to manage admissions at school, welcoming parents and so on. It takes away a big chunk of the school’s time to prepare for the academic year. school management software, however, also applies automated processes to the admission stage.

The school owners now have time to promote their school through other platforms and increase the rate of admissions. Yet another advantage of school management software.

Reduce Workforce

Since a school management software focuses on reducing manual labour, the staff members of the school will have more time on their hands and the need for large numbers of staff is reduced. Hence the efficiency of the staff is increased. The staff can do additional tasks, removing the need for more staff members, and lets the school utilise its resources on growth.

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