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6 Reasons Whatsapp For School Is A Waste Of Time

As of 2019, WhatsApp was ranked the most popular global mobile messenger app worldwide with approximately 1.6 billion monthly active users surpassing other popular platforms such as Instagram and long-time runners such as Facebook. WhatsApp's a relatively simple and it's quite easy to use even for technological illiterate people. Once you install it, you can connect with any of your contacts, provided that they've installed the app, and send them messages almost immediately. It's fidelity makes it a popular choice of communication ...

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11 Worst Things Whatsapp Is Doing To Your School / Coaching Centre

WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active users in over 180 countries. 1 million people register on WhatsApp daily. 58% of users access WhatsApp several times a day. An average user opens the app at least 23 times on a daily basis. And here we are, telling you that Whatsapp is harmful and there are at least 11 worst things whatsapp is doing to your school / coaching centre! Sounds crazy right? Read on.Research carried out by Guild found that while 38% of ...

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11 Amazing benefits of using an app for your School’s Timetable Management

Timetable creation is part of parcel of teacher’s responsibility in school. In this day and age, technology enables communication, coordination and creation of features such as these, to simplify the school and teachers’ life. How did school operates before? During the olden days, it was the class teacher or the principal’s responsibility to sit and manually create timetables. This would be on a piece of paper, written with a pen or a pencil. Constant changes, errors, striking out, rewriting, changing time or subject ...

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Benefits of practicing Mindfulness in School

This new and popular method is helping children in their all-rounded growth. And no, it is not a fad. What was done generations ago, like playing in the sand, walking barefoot etc helped children and adults in a lot of ways. Mindfulness taught them to be in touch with nature. By practicing Mindfulness one can be aware of the surrounding. Mindfulness helps to focus on all the senses and be self aware. Factors such as concentration, attention span and overall ...

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Pros & Cons of using WhatsApp for Business

WHATSAPP!  A great tool for personal communication.   A not so great tool for doing business!  Let’s face it.  Whatsapp, is a chat platform that helps in exchanging messages between two individuals. Or between few individuals in the form of groups. Although they have a new app called Whatsapp for Business, potentially targeting business owners, it is still a chat platform only.  Pro: Everyone is on whatsapp. It makes it easy to get in touch with anyone in a jiffy.  Con: Too much noise. Too much ...

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10 Awesome Ways To Engage With Parents: School View

Why doesn't anyone answer the phone anymore? Did you know that telephone culture is slowly disappearing despite a steep increase in smartphone users around the world? That is because people find other mediums of communication far more enticing and welcoming. With the growth in social era, even text messages are becoming obsolete. Before we jump to the 10 awesome ways to engage with parents, it is important to understand the reason for the shift in communication style and mobile usage. Text ...

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How to practice mindfulness in School Classroom?

Practicing mindfulness has garnered immense popularity in the recent times and schools are trying to incorporate it in their daily teaching methods. Why is this becoming popular? Because it is easy to practice. Needs limited resources. Can be taught without incurring costs and it can be practiced by anyone. Before we talk about how to practice mindfulness in the school classroom, it is  important to understand what mindfulness is in it's true sense. What is Mindfulness? noun 1. The quality or state of ...

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11 Amazing Benefits of Using an App for your School’s Timetable Management

In this day and age, technology is designed to make the lives of teachers and student’s more organised and manageable. During every academic year, the class teacher has to distribute the new timetable to every student in their class. This takes away so much of their time. With the current trend  in technology and circumstance, schools are reaching out to parents more and more through their mobiles. Sharing new school time tables is an example of digitised communication  to improve the ...

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ONNE launches Payment Module to help you collect payments online

Hello all, we have great news. You can now collect maintenance charges, school fees, tutoring fees, client pending payments, send reminders, track payments received from parents, residents, clients, students, and more. Look at payment history, have an overall dashboard view of the collections and receivables and more using the payment module section in your mobile app for your business or organisation. App owners such as Teachers and principals, committee members, or business owners can save more than 20% of their time ...

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The BEST way to collect payments and send reminders for FREE | ONNE APP

Schools rejoice. They can now focus on better education instead of getting dragged into mundane routine tasks. School fee payment online reminders, generating manual invoices, sending text or whatsapp messages on upcoming online fee payments, matching payments received with their records to name a few. But should all of this take away a lot of the school’s time? With growing technology, schools need to embrace the digital age and automate processes to make life easy. Not only does a Mobile app ...

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