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Month: November 2019

11 Amazing Benefits of Using an App for your School’s Timetable Management

In this day and age, technology is designed to make the lives of teachers and student’s more organised and manageable. During every academic year, the class teacher has to distribute the new timetable to every student in their class. This takes away so much of their time. With the current trend  in technology and circumstance, schools are reaching out to parents more and more through their mobiles. Sharing new school time tables is an example of digitised communication  to improve the ...

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ONNE launches Payment Module to help you collect payments online

Hello all, we have great news. You can now collect maintenance charges, school fees, tutoring fees, client pending payments, send reminders, track payments received from parents, residents, clients, students, and more. Look at payment history, have an overall dashboard view of the collections and receivables and more using the payment module section in your mobile app for your business or organisation. App owners such as Teachers and principals, committee members, or business owners can save more than 20% of their time ...

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