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11 reasons why you need an app to manage your resident association

If you live in an apartment community, then you need an app to manage communication with your residents. Most importantly, you need an application to manage day to day operations in running the resident community. Here are 11 reasons why you need an app to manage your resident association. From sharing important information to collecting maintenance fees, from automating reminders to assigning multiple residents as admins for your committee, an app will help in reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency ...

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Things to remember while investing in a Society or Residential Management App

Mobile internet has been such a positive development in the country's digital progress, that in 2019, over 73 percent of India's total web traffic comes from mobile phones. Time spent by Indians on smartphones increased by 24% to 4.3 hours per day in March 2020. Getting a Society Management App or a Residential Management App is the right step to engage with your already digitised community. What is a Society Management App? A Society Management Software essentially takes care of the needs of ...

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The Secret Behind The Best Residential Apartment Communities

Do you live in a flat or an apartment in India? Are you a part of a community that has a residents association? In that case, communicating with the committee members will be a regular affair. If you become an active participant, it helps in understanding the living circumstances. You will also know the people and the society better, that you are a part of. Your neighbours will be from different backgrounds, sectors and will have different personalities. So as ...

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Pros And Cons Of Using Chat To Manage Your Residents Association

Apartments and Residential communities needs a software or a mobile app to communicate and keep in touch with the residents. Some apartments have their own apartment management software and it helps them have a structured form of communication with their committee members. A lot of residential apartment complexes are relying on chat applications like Whatsapp and email to keep in touch with their residents.  Not only getting a customised app developed for resident association time consuming and cost heavy, maintaining the ...

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Record Real Time Attendance with ONNE’s Attendance Applet

Whether you run an office, a school, coaching institute or a college, marking attendance of your staff, employees, students and teachers is an everyday affair. In today's work environments, companies might need to allow employees to work from remote locations or work from home. Hence it is important to have an online attendance management system. As a HR manager, you need to mark the attendance of employees who attended a particular training program. Or it could be the number of ...

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11 Reasons Why You Need an App for Your Residents Association

Most of the apartment associations or resident communities rely on chat apps like whatsapp or platforms like Google to keep in touch with their members. Communication, engagement and sending important information becomes cumbersome and inefficient in chats apps. Messages don't reach the right time. Printed circulars are lost. Cost is incurred in printing. People miss important information in chat and struggle to catch up and more. These are just a few to name. Residents need a residents association app that ...

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5 Reasons why Whatsapp or Messenger are Bad for your Business

Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and a host of other chat applications are causing harm to your business than in aiding you to grow. These platforms are essentially chat apps also called messaging apps. And they are killing your business productivity even without you realising it.  What are Chat Apps / Messaging Apps? A chat app or a messaging app is a platform or a tool that helps you to instantly connect with someone and communicate with them. It works great to reach ...

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Create Online Examinations With the New Forms Applet

One particular feature from ONNE's that will make your life easy is the Forms Applet. The Forms function is an extremely versatile tool. It's capable of accomplishing a numerous amount of tasks and can provide endless ways to improve and use your app.  The Forms Applet can create upto 100+ types of forms, each one serving a different purpose and function!  One very useful application of the Forms Applet, for schools and coaching centres in particular, is the ability to create Online ...

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One Feature. 100+ Functions. Introducing the Forms Applet

In our latest update, ONNE got a new major feature - The Forms Applet. The new Forms Applet lets you create different types of Forms such as: Application forms, Online Examination forms, Registration forms, Sign-up forms, Feedback forms and much more! How does it work? The Forms applet is a very flexible tool. It basically allows you to - well - create different kinds of forms! It can be used by several types of businesses in several different ways. Schools have plenty ...

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10 Benefits of Online Classes in your School Management App

Traditional schooling methods have been under question ever since the COVID-19 pandemic this year. School owners, principals and teachers are still trying to come to terms with this new method of teaching. Parents and students cannot be discounted here since they are trying to change and adapt to this new form of learning. No one knows when life will go back to normal or may be, this is the new normal? While meeting one-on-one, interacting, developing social skills and learning ...

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