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Month: February 2020

Stories that Sell: Get more admissions for your school in 2021

You already know that storytelling is an art. Some of the best brands we know today are great storytellers. Great stories are inspiring, relatable, educative, informative, emotive, contagious, inclusive and believable! But what does storytelling do to your school? It connects with your audience. Storytelling differentiates you, giving you a competitive edge. It establishes your personal credibility. How do you use storytelling to sell your brand and vision? How do you use stories to inspire people and make them look at your school in a positive ...

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How To Get A Fabulous School / Coaching Erp Software On A Tight Budget

ERP Softwares that are available in the market right now are expensive. We get it! After looking at the list of school management ERP softwares and coaching centre management ERP we realise that, to get a decent app or software for your school or coaching centre, you need to spend north of tens of thousand dollars. Infact, elaborate school management systems like Fedena costs a little over 30,000 Indian Rupees a year. While these softwares are expensive, they are ...

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