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Month: July 2020

10 Benefits of Online Classes in your School Management App

Traditional schooling methods have been under question ever since the COVID-19 pandemic this year. School owners, principals and teachers are still trying to come to terms with this new method of teaching. Parents and students cannot be discounted here since they are trying to change and adapt to this new form of learning. No one knows when life will go back to normal or may be, this is the new normal? While meeting one-on-one, interacting, developing social skills and learning ...

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9 Benefits of getting a school management app

Benefits of getting a school management app are plenty. Let us look at these 9 obvious ones. If you run a school, save time, increase efficiency and go truly digital by getting your app on ONNE. ONNE allows you to send photos, videos, documents, and start live classes using the app. You can also have complete control as the owner of the app, by allowing or switching off comments on your posts. Ready templates for report cards, daily activity and timetables allow teachers ...

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