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Month: November 2020

11 Reasons Why You Need an App for Your Residents Association

Most of the apartment associations or resident communities rely on chat apps like whatsapp or platforms like Google to keep in touch with their members. Communication, engagement and sending important information becomes cumbersome and inefficient in chats apps. Messages don't reach the right time. Printed circulars are lost. Cost is incurred in printing. People miss important information in chat and struggle to catch up and more. These are just a few to name. Residents need a residents association app that ...

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5 Reasons why Whatsapp or Messenger are Bad for your Business

Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and a host of other chat applications are causing harm to your business than in aiding you to grow. These platforms are essentially chat apps also called messaging apps. And they are killing your business productivity even without you realising it.  What are Chat Apps / Messaging Apps? A chat app or a messaging app is a platform or a tool that helps you to instantly connect with someone and communicate with them. It works great to reach ...

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