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Month: March 2021

The Unparalleled Benefits of getting an App for your Business

Are you relying on chat apps like Whatsapp, Telegram or Messenger to engage with your members or customers and do business? Do you run and manage a Facebook page struggle because not all of your members get to see your posts? Get an app for your business on Onne. It’s Free! Reduce the Noise Chat apps like WhatsApp or Telegram are cluttered and noisy. Have clutter free communication with your members or customers using your app Onne. Structured Messaging Create any question you want ...

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8 Reasons why your Religious or Faith Group needs an App

Most religious and faith groups are created towards one common goal. To help grow faith and build their community. Since the primary interest and goal is to come together to pray, worship, heal and help other members, they rely on the most common available, free to use applications like Whatsapp or Telegram to engage with members. Although it is the easiest thing to do - connecting with the group members who are already on these platforms, chat apps do more harm ...

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