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Month: March 2022

5 Tips on How to Increase Productivity of your Business through Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is inevitable in today’s changing business environment. With technology revolutionizing the industry and the pandemic rendering old practices ineffective, organizations have to be agile in embracing digital transformation to improve business functions, or else they will become irrelevant. A McKinsey survey reveals that business executives accelerated the digitization of their operations by three to four years. A significant reason for this sudden increase is the ability of digital transformation. It increases productivity by empowering leaders to create a more ...

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Top Benefits of using Onne for your organisation or NGO

Nonprofit organizations play an important role in the development of a society by improving communities and promoting member participation. NGOs take up and execute projects to promote the welfare of the community they work with.  Unlike businesses, NGOs have always maintained a minimal digital presence and depend heavily on physical meetings and awareness in order to achieve their goals.  NGOs rely on platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram to inform, educate and keep in touch with their members. This highlights an imminent issue ...

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