What if your NGO can grow your volunteers, keep in touch with everyone using instant updates, coordinate and manage activities supporting your cause, without the hassle of chatting, and relying on many communication mediums?

"Today we have 1.18 billion mobile connections, 700 million Internet users, and 600 million smartphones, which are increasing by 25 million per quarter"
Ram Sewak Sharmachief executive of the National Health Authority of India

India has the highest data consumption, roughly about 12 GB per person a month.

The number of smartphone users in India by Year 2020 is over 748 million.

With a majority of people going online, having a strong online presence is crucial for your organization irrespective of how small or big you are. 

A good productivity tool and communication app will not only improve efficiency, save time and reduce manual work, but also allow you to have control over various activities. 

Here are the benefits of using Onne Business productivity app.

1)  One Single platform

Communicating and coordinating with members or volunteers using multiple platforms can often lead to missing important information. Imagine scrolling on whatsapp chat. How many of you have missed out on messages?

Using Onne productivity tool with threaded messages can ensure maximum reach, engagement and visibility.

2)  Accessibility

Cut the noise offered by regular chat platforms. Reach your volunteers and members at any time using your app on Onne. Provide access to important documents, folders and keep track of all your activities from a single platform.

No more searching and scrolling to find messages or documents. Onne app offers threaded messaging with structure to access any information available in the app within seconds.

3)  Ability to keep track

NGO’s and charity groups will be able to manage their events, meetings and activities effectively using the app. Multiple admin level access, unlimited groups and member management features allows organizers to have more control on messaging and engagement. It will also enable you to keep track of all activities, coordination, payments etc from one app.

4)  Increased Efficiency

Productivity software has features that enable you to plan, organise, coordinate and communicate all using the same platform.  An organization has multiple layers of people connected with them right from the founders to the volunteers. An app helps you to add them, differentiate them into groups, create events and receive RSVP, collect payments, send instant alerts, conduct online meetings and more.

5) Privacy

Your app on Onne is a secure platform. Unlike chat apps available in the market, members will not be able to see contact details of other members in One App. 

Now that is a sign of relief, isn't it? Imagine your number is visible for anyone to copy and send you unnecessary promotional or spam messages. With Onne, that won’t happen.


Why is Onne the best productivity software for NGO management?

Onne is an easy tool for messaging, sharing, storing, billing, chatting, and generally increasing your productivity. Onne allows you to have,

  • Complete privacy and control. You will get a bird's eye view of every engagement, done by anyone, on Onne.
  • Flexibility to choose features you need. Make communication effortless, within or outside the team.
  • Video meetings, payment collection, sharing docs, or private chats to transform the way you work.
  • Threaded messages to keep track of discussions. Avoid endless scrolling, noisy chat, and emails.

Features offered by Onne

1) Admin & Group Management

Create unlimited groups and add an unlimited number of users in each group. Assign admins to manage groups.

2) Communication

Chat with your members one-on-one or in a group using OnneTalk. Send messages with attachments, instant alerts, share forms to fill or even mark attendance.

3) Event Management & RSVP

Create an event with a date, time, and location. Send it to the respective group and receive a response. This allows you to have a clear idea of how many will turn up for the specific event.

4) Payment & Invoice collection

Use this feature to raise funds for your cause and monitor the payment dashboard to keep track of payments received.

5) Alerts with automated reminders

This will help you send important information instantly with follow up reminders so your members do not forget or have to rely on memory.

Onne Business App has many more features to offer that will help NGO’s manage communication and increase productivity from a single place.

Explore Onne App today!