Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and a host of other chat applications are causing harm to your business than in aiding you to grow. These platforms are essentially chat apps also called messaging apps. And they are killing your business productivity even without you realising it. 

What are Chat Apps / Messaging Apps?

A chat app or a messaging app is a platform or a tool that helps you to instantly connect with someone and communicate with them. It works great to reach out to people in no time and also engage over a discussion. 

With the growing number of businesses and the imminent need to go digital, small and medium businesses have opted for messaging apps for a few reasons.

  • Extremely Fast - Chat apps help in delivering messages to consumers or users in real-time.
  • Sense of Familiarity - Platforms like WhatsApp and messenger have been around for a decade or more and familiar to most users.
  • Ease of Use/Availability - The ease in which they can reach out to customers or users cannot be compared with emails which is getting outdated now.

But the issue is this. Chat Apps are built for a purpose that is purely to chat and engage in a non-professional way. None of these apps help businesses except the speed at which they can reach out to someone.


Here are 5 Reasons why WhatsApp or Messenger are Bad for your Business

1) User Privacy 

In chat apps like Whatsapp, users can see other user’s contact details. Imagine you run your business on WhatsApp and share your WhatsApp group joining link to potential customers can connect with your app. 

Your competitors can join your WhatsApp group under the pretext of being a customer and take your contact details overnight. All they have to do is offer your product or services at a discounted rate and you have lost your customers to competition and are at risk of losing business.

If you are a community app or a non profit organisation, the same issue arises. Your members can see other member contact details and they can start spamming them directly and you have no control. 

Exposing your customer or member or user contact details to others is a threat and can be avoided by only getting your own app.


2) Spam Messages 

Chat apps such as Whatsapp or Messenger are prone to spam. Simply because of the nature of their platform. If you run a business or organisation, you will want to have some structure in the way you communicate with them. If you open Whatsapp, you will be part of so many personal groups from family groups to friends groups to your alumni group. Catching up on notifications from all these groups is a nightmare. You can do away with good morning messages, jokes and forwards that are usually sent as spam

Chat apps are not developed for business communication. They are a social platform and therefore it is impossible to control and manage these spam messages. When businesses get their own app, they can keep comments turned on or off. Basically decide how you want to engage with your users


3) Unnecessary Scrolling 

Businesses' main focus is to increase their productivity and business efficiency so they have more time in their hands to focus on how to make more money from their business. Even if you do not run a business but are looking at improving your efficiency in the way you engage with your users, you need to get an app.

In chat platforms, retrieving messages is a nightmare. Chat apps lack structure in communication. Which means non stop scrolling to find a message that was sent earlier. Imagine the time you need to spend scrolling to retrieve any message sent a week ago. 

Your own app gives you structure and clear thread to communicate with your users. Whether they are students, parents, customers, members, patients, neighbours etc. Clear Structure saves a lot of time and increases your productivity.


4) Lack of Control 

They say too many cooks spoil the broth. The Admin function in chat apps like whatsapp means no control unless you keep a broadcast only group. What if you want your members to engage with you? The moment you make the whatsapp group open, you lose control in communication. Any of your members can post messages in Chat Apps and you have no control. 

Despite setting rules, some members will always falter and you lose the control of your chat group. You can't control or manage users effectively in chat. 

In your own app, you can have varying levels of admin rights access and provide control to admins to manage some parts of the app. This helps in not only gaining control but also in saving your time by delegating work to your colleagues or team members. 


5) Features not relevant to your needs 

If you are a business who is into transactions and sales, Chat apps like WhatsApp or messenger will not help. Chat essentially offers limited functions. If you want to raise invoices, collect payments and monitor your payment transaction, it is not possible in your chat app. 

Also, chat apps do not have functions such as automatic reminders to remind your customers or members to make the payment. You do not get a payment dashboard giving you an overall view of your business health. Imagine you have a personal assistant doing the reminders for you? Imagine having a personal assistant who takes care of the invoice generation and automation of payment receipts? 

That is the beauty of getting your app on a platform like ONNE. A powerful accounting system that helps you manage payments as well so you can focus on your business.

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