The education sector in India is estimated at US$ 91.7 billion in FY18 and is expected to reach US$ 101.1 billion in FY19. 

The number of smartphone users in India is expected to rise by 84% to 859 million by 2022 from 468 million in 2017, according to a joint study by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India and PwC.  

A recent study indicates that nearly 84.3% of the schools have access to internet and 54.2% even have wireless networks.

The influence of technology on parents, children and also the education sector has been immense in the last 10 years. School management software has a lot more significance than what they had in the last decade. The reason for getting an mobile app for school has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

If we have to break it down, let us look at 7 compelling reasons to get a School Management Software.

Enhances School Performance

School Management software provides features that cater to the specific needs of the school. For example, In a traditional method, teachers mark attendance manually, taking 15 minutes of their morning time. With a mobile  app for school, it takes them less than a minute to mark absentees. Teachers are therefore able to focus on the quality of education they provide. They also get ample time to interact with children and connect with them, to help their overall growth.

Valuable Time Utilization

Running a school is no easy feat. Teachers focus must be on providing quality education and they must not get sucked into mundane routine and tasks. Writing daily or weekly report for example, a school management software will simplify the task and send the school report card out to the entire class in less than 10 minutes. Imagine doing the same school report card manually? Teachers will be writing the report in the child’s diary, one by one.If a single school report card takes 2 minutes, for a class of 40 students, the teacher would end up spending an hour and a half writing the school report cards. By saving hours of their time, creating reports, marking attendance, sharing school time table etc online, they can utilise their time valuably.

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Entertain and Educate

Education is no longer ‘bookish’ or old fashioned. Parents want their children to learn and grow up as an all-rounded individual and not just study syllabus and books. A school management software helps teachers to share interesting and informative messages that make learning fun right from the start. With apps like Byju’s in the education sector, it is evident that the style of education needs to change. That is possible only by going mobile and getting an app for your school

Improve interaction and relationships

Parents are perpetually worried about the happenings in the school and how their child is faring. Face to face interactions are limited due to the hectic work schedule and the one-off parent teachers meeting does not give parents timely feedback. By getting school management software, you can keep in touch with parents easily. Mobile app for school reduces the distance between the school and parents and also improves overall relationships. A happy parent will not only continue sending the child to your school but also work as a brand advocate, sharing positives about your school to other parents and friends.

Connect with Parents on the go

Everyone is on mobile these days. From booking movie tickets, shopping for clothes and groceries online, decision making happens on the phone. Email is soon becoming passe and chat platforms like whatsapp has been increasing clutter in communication. Although chat works great for personal use, for businesses or schools to communicate, it is an inefficient mode. 

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In order for your school to succeed, you need to catch the trend and ride the wave. Connect with parents where they are - their smartphone and that is possible only by getting a mobile app for school.

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Access information from anywhere, anytime

Not only can you reach parents on the go, wherever they are, you can be sitting in Goa for a holiday and yet keep tracks on the happenings in the school. A mobile app for school or school management software will be hosted on cloud and all your information can be retrieved by you, from anywhere in the world. Technology truly reduces the space between people and keeps  parent-teacher communication going. 

Pro Tip: Assigning various admins to your app will not only empower teachers but also save your time in manual effort. Keep track of what's happening in your school by means of the content that is shared by the teachers.

Lesser Carbon Footprint. Print less

Teachers are the role model for children in school. It is imperative to lead by example that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the children. Educating kids about carbon footprint and the impact it has on the planet can start from an early age. By going mobile, most of the communication can be passed online to parents. That means less to no printing of notes or any material that is passed to parents. 

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