Most religious and faith groups are created towards one common goal. To help grow faith and build their community. Since the primary interest and goal is to come together to pray, worship, heal and help other members, they rely on the most common available, free to use applications like Whatsapp or Telegram to engage with members.

Although it is the easiest thing to do - connecting with the group members who are already on these platforms, chat apps do more harm than good for the faith groups. 

Having a mobile app for your faith or religious group not only helps you stay in touch with your members from anywhere, at any time but also provides a multitude of other benefits listed below.

Improve Interaction with Members:

Chat apps like Whatsapp, Telegram or Messenger are noisy. You have to scroll endlessly to track any information sent a few days or hours ago. If the group is active, it is a nightmare to retrieve information. Admins of the group struggle to have a meaningful engagement with their members simply because of the linear structure in which chat apps are built.

Solution: Have threaded communication with members using different sections of the app. This helps to not only retrieve information easily but also help members track any messages you share. With Onne app, your religious or faith group can send posts, alerts, event invites, share documents, send prayer program questions and more.Each of them appear in clear threads to view, respond and engage for members.

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Automate Responses and avoid Manual effort:

Managing a fairly active group larger than 50 members means over 50 to 100 messages in a span of a few hours. The effort the group admins have to put in tracking messages, keeping it relevant to the topic of discussion or even getting responses from different members in a manual, time consuming process. It is not worth putting so much effort in organising communication.

Solution: Because of the nature of the app, every message has clear threads reducing the manual effort for admins.  Automated welcome messages,  automated payment reminders, and even cross platform sharing makes it easy to create messages and send within the app and to social platforms like whatsapp, email, facebook, instagram and more.

Also prayer requests can be created in the form of forms and admins can receive tabulated prayer responses to reduce manual work.

Collect Donations:

If your religious group or faith group wants to collect payments in the form of donations, it becomes difficult to collect, track and have an overview of the payment in chat apps like whatsapp or Telegram. This is another manual process or effort that has to be taken up by admins.

Solution: Onne app allows you to create invoices, collect donations, automate reminders, send automatic payment receipts with your organisation's logo and branding. Not just that, you get a payment dashboard to keep track on all the payments received and pending payments if any.

Provide Complete Member Privacy:

The biggest concern about whatsapp or social apps is the privacy policy. 

In whatsapp for example, members can see other members contact details. This could sometimes lead to spam. Imagine one member of your group randomly messaging other members. 

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In the case of social apps like Facebook, any post you create and share in your group is not visible for all the members who have joined your group. Facebook restricts visibility of your posts even to your own members and less than 5% actually see it. This is to ensure you advertise on facebook and spend money to reach your members. 

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Solution: Imagine every message you post or share goes out as notifications to every single member of your group. Also imagine where members cannot see other members contact details and try and get in touch with them. WIth Onne app, you can build a private and safe community for your faith group.

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Have unlimited members and groups:

Whatsapp restricts a certain number of members in a group. You can only have 256 members in one group. While telegram does not hold such restriction, members in your telegram group can message other members directly leading to spam. Refer to the previous point.

Also, multiple selections when you want to send more than one file is not available in telegram. 

Solution: In your app on Onne, you can create unlimited groups, have unlimited members and also engage with them meaningfully. 

Multiple Administrative access:

If you run a fairly medium size organisation, you will need help from other members to keep the communication going, engage meaningfully with members and keep the chat clean. Apps like whatsapp do not provide varying levels of admin access. Which means you will end up creating multiple chat groups leading to more noise.

Solution: Imagine if you can make your core members as admins for different groups and they manage only those groups you assign them to. Keep sections such as payments, private. Varying level of admin access in your app allows you to stay in control of the happening. At the same time delegate effort to other team members.

Create Events and Get RSVP:

Every Faith and Religious group has events based on different occasions. Be it an Easter get together or a Gayatri Mantra Recitation or celebration on Shiv Ratri. Whatsapp and telegram do not provide an event section for admins to know how many of them will attend the events. They end up scrolling in chat and do a manual count to get details for their planning.

Solution: In your app on Onne, you can create events and members of your group can confirm their participation by RSVP. Know at any given point of time how many members have accepted, declined or are still deciding. Not just that, once your members respond to their participation in the event, the details are shown in their app calendar helping them remember and participate accordingly.

Send Instant Alerts and Notifications :

Whether you want to send a photo, document, video or link, sharing them on Whatsapp or Telegram and then going to retrieve it is a nightmare.  Also messages in chat get lost essentially because we end up using them for personal reasons such as family Whatsapp groups and so on. 

Solution: Every single message you send on Onne goes as push notification which means your members will never miss a message from you. You can also exercise control by keeping comments on or off on the messages you share with your faith members.  

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