They say people are unique and each one is different. Each of them come with their own set of beliefs and quirks that hardly goes unnoticed.

With a lot of groups in whatsapp, we get to see all kinds of characters - some annoying, some intelligent, some mere spectators and some downright funny. Being part of a chat group gives you the opportunity to see different types of people. Here you will see 8 Types of people you will not miss in any Whatsapp group. Have you seen more? Please tell us in comments below. And let us all have a laugh together.

Miss Greetings

Hello, Good Morning, Have a nice day! Miss greetings is totally a morning person. She wakes up early and looks at all groups that she is part of, to send a good morning message. And then disappears for a short while, probably into the kitchen to cook her child’s lunch. Only to come back and engage again.

Hello Smarty Pants

Oh the intelligent one. Or the wanna be intelligent one? Cannot be sure. But you get to see smart messages about parenting, politics, general knowledge or just about anything from this person.  And this person waits for a response. Needs the ego boost to feel accepted and be seen on top of the chat chain.

The Pack Leader

This person keeps the chat going in the chat group. Actively glued onto any communication that is happening in the group, he or she happily contributes, comments and keeps the chat active. This person is also the reason why your phone keeps beeping all the time. Being an active member, he/she provides instant inputs.

The Spectator

He or She reads all the messages. Yes, All of them. But will not comment or respond to any. Likes to witness what is happening in the chat group because of FOMO (fear of missing out) but doesnt have the urge to participate in real conversations. This person finds the whole chat thing draining and a waste of time. But does not have an alternate to stay updated on what's happening in the group.

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The Annoying One

This person is the Mr/Ms Know It AllIf at all such title exists, it would go to this person without any doubt. It would feel like this person has nothing better to do, but to pick on people and their posts. He/She always has negative things to say about anything and everything that is happening in the group. Not only that, this person also bullies other members for their opinions and comments posted in the chat group.

The Yes (Wo) Man

Anything posted in the chat group is received positively by this person. He/She will always be in agreement to whatever suggestion, idea or plan other group members come up with, no questions asked. Favourite among group admins and mediators for reasons obvious.

The Non Existent

This person is part of the chat group but is literally non existent. He or She has muted the group chat to avoid unnecessary beeps throughout the day. You don't even know this person exists unless you open the chat member list to see him/her. This person obviously misses out on all important updates or happenings from the chat group as well. But couldn't care less. He will wait for someone from the group to message in private to get information.

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The Confused one

So the admin informs the members of the group about an upcoming plan or event. Let’s say the idea is to dress in red for an upcoming get together. This person will drop in not one or two but few questions for sure.

  • Can I wear Scarlet or Crimson color?
  • Should it be a dress or can it be a tshirt?
  • What about shoes?
  • Oh can we bring someone along to attend the event?

By the time other members of the group could read the chat, the intent of it is totally lost, thanks to the confused one.

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