Benefits of getting a school management app are plenty. Let us look at these 9 obvious ones.

If you run a school, save time, increase efficiency and go truly digital by getting your app on ONNE.

ONNE allows you to send photos, videos, documents, and start live classes using the app.

You can also have complete control as the owner of the app, by allowing or switching off comments on your posts.

Ready templates for report cards, daily activity and timetables allow teachers to create personalised reports in a jiffy.

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Managing payments has become easier too. Raise invoices within the app and collect fees. The app also sends automated reminders to the parents on pending dues. And when they pay, reminders stop and automated payment receipts are sent.

Have the flexibility of keeping in touch with your students on the go using the app. All your content is stored in the cloud, making it easy for you to retrieve information.

Avoid endless scrolls. With ONNE app, any document or file shared will be available in separate sections allowing easy access.

Take advantage of various admin level access and let teachers manage their specific classes. But also have control, knowing what is happening in your school app by choosing to be a super admin.

WIth ONNE app, you will also be able to mark absentees of students who didn't join your class. An instant notification is sent to the parents keeping everyone in the know.

Want to see how ONNE works?


Our payment gateway integration provides multiple choices for the parents to opt from - be it credit, debit, net banking, UPI or more.

Customised reports with your logo and branding makes your school identity strong. You can also share your posts on social media, email or any place you like once you have created in ONNE.

Ready to go digital? Get your school app on ONNE today! 

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