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5 Tips on How to Increase Productivity of your Business through Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is inevitable in today’s changing business environment. With technology revolutionizing the industry and the pandemic rendering old practices ineffective, organizations have to be agile in embracing digital transformation to improve business functions, or else they will become irrelevant. A McKinsey survey reveals that business executives accelerated the digitization of their operations by three to four years. A significant reason for this sudden increase is the ability of digital transformation. It increases productivity by empowering leaders to create a more ...

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Top Benefits of using Onne for your organisation or NGO

Nonprofit organizations play an important role in the development of a society by improving communities and promoting member participation. NGOs take up and execute projects to promote the welfare of the community they work with.  Unlike businesses, NGOs have always maintained a minimal digital presence and depend heavily on physical meetings and awareness in order to achieve their goals.  NGOs rely on platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram to inform, educate and keep in touch with their members. This highlights an imminent issue ...

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Slack Vs Teams Vs Whatsapp Vs Onne. What is best for messaging?

Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, Onne, Discord, Google chat, etc are some of the common tools employers, organizers or business owners use. These tools aim to increase business productivity and have effective engage colleagues, members, users or customers. Slack is a collaboration hub that offers organized spaces called channels – to bring teams together for sharing information using relevant tools. Microsoft Teams allows you to chat, call, and even collaborate with your team members in just one place. Whatsapp, the most popular messaging or chat ...

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9 Top Whatsapp Alternative for your Business in 2022 – Onne

There are 2 Billion Whatsapp users around the globe. WhatsApp is available in more than 180 countries and 60 different languages. Instant messaging has become the go-to way of communicating for all of us. Well, if it’s so big and widely popular —you’re probably wondering—why bother looking for alternatives? It could be that you run a business and Whatsapp is not necessarily professional for communication. You find it noisy, cluttered, and filled with spam messages. Or maybe you are looking for a ...

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5 reasons why NGO’s must forget chat apps and get Onne Business App

What if your NGO can grow your volunteers, keep in touch with everyone using instant updates, coordinate and manage activities supporting your cause, without the hassle of chatting, and relying on many communication mediums? "Today we have 1.18 billion mobile connections, 700 million Internet users, and 600 million smartphones, which are increasing by 25 million per quarter" Ram Sewak Sharmachief executive of the National Health Authority of India India has the highest data consumption, roughly about 12 GB per person a month. The number ...

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Why you should forget WhatsApp and many apps, instead get a single productivity app

Communication is an integral part of a company, organisation or a group’s success. It plays a crucial role in creating lasting relationships. Even more so now, as businesses, activity groups, religious organisations, education centres, faith groups are all going remote,  be it for work or for activities. ''Gartner’s CFO survey reveals that 74% intend to shift some employees to remote work permanently and it is estimated that by the end of 2035, the number of people working remotely would reach 1 billion.'' One ...

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Let’s Be Honest: Zero Automation Makes you a Rookie

''According to a global study commissioned by Automation Anywhere, in India, out of 1,000 participants surveyed, 88 percent believe humans should not be carrying out repetitive administrative tasks if they can be automated.'' Imagine the amount of time that will be saved by automating tasks with reminders! Not knowing how to use automation will make you look like a  rookie. But by the end of this blog, you will not only learn how to use the alert with reminder function, but will ...

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How to create and share assignments in your app on Onne

Share assignments, receive responses and share feedback, all from the homework assignment applet on Onne. If you have chosen any education based app such as school or tuition centre in Onne, click on the pen CTA button to find assignments. If you do not find assignment under the pen CTA, Click on Applets Select the + Add more Applets icon (only visible for owners of the app) Scroll under A La Carte section and Add the assignment applet Now you can tap on the assignment widget and ...

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The Best & Easiest Invoice Management App to collect Payments for Free!

Manual Invoice creation and management will cost your business time and money. A report from Mckinsey states that CEOs could save 20% of the time they spend on financial tasks that could be automated. It is also said that an average employee in an accounts team can manually process up to 5 invoices per hour. But did you know, Electronic invoice processing is 3.5 times more efficient than paper processing? The best invoice management app or software helps companies not only save ...

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Why multiple tools kill business productivity. A proven guide on how to avoid it.

A study by Atlassian found that the average employee is interrupted from their work 56 times a day. When an employee loses his focus, it takes a longer time to bring him back to work mode. The average employee spends two hours a day recovering from interruptions. What is Productivity? Productivity is about producing as much of something as possible while creating something of value and quality. Time management is something that we have been taught from a very young age. As the ...

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