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12 salient features of a coaching centre app

Before you decide to finalise on the coaching centre app or software, have a look at the salient features a coaching centre app must have. 1) Student Management Create an unlimited number of groups Add an unlimited number of students within a group Get complete student profile with photo Call student from within the app Add the same student to any number of groups Invite students through the phone book, social media, email or by sharing app invite link 2) Teacher Management Make teachers as the admins or super ...

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Get a Powerful App for your business for FREE – Step by Step Guide

Running a small business and relying on multiple tools such as whatsapp, messenger, email etc to keep in touch with your customers, users or members? Businesses need an app with features and functions that allows them to increase their productivity, save time and in turn increase business revenue. Chat applications are unstructured, noisy and come with a lot of distraction. Onne offers a powerful app with functions that your business needs. And it takes just 3 minutes to get your app on ...

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The Unparalleled Benefits of getting an App for your Business

Are you relying on chat apps like Whatsapp, Telegram or Messenger to engage with your members or customers and do business? Do you run and manage a Facebook page struggle because not all of your members get to see your posts? Get an app for your business on Onne. It’s Free! Reduce the Noise Chat apps like WhatsApp or Telegram are cluttered and noisy. Have clutter free communication with your members or customers using your app Onne. Structured Messaging Create any question you want ...

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8 Reasons why your Religious or Faith Group needs an App

Most religious and faith groups are created towards one common goal. To help grow faith and build their community. Since the primary interest and goal is to come together to pray, worship, heal and help other members, they rely on the most common available, free to use applications like Whatsapp or Telegram to engage with members. Although it is the easiest thing to do - connecting with the group members who are already on these platforms, chat apps do more harm ...

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Education During Pandemic: The Future

What is the future for education during and post pandemic? How will schools and educational institutions adapt to the changing needs keeping in mind the safety protocol and yet impart education in a successful manner? What steps do teachers have to take to tweak how teaching has been done for decades and will blended learning be the new normal? Let us take a look at the future of education and how important it has become, with or without Covid to take ...

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How COVID-19 has pushed us towards technology and transformed education forever

The covid 19 experience has taught the importance of digital learning to most of the schools. During the pandemic, consumers have moved dramatically toward online channels, and companies and industries have responded in turn. This is the case of acute disruption!   A total of 320 million learners in India have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and have transitioned to e-learning  ~ Weforum   In the case of the education sector, the lockdown has forced the schools to find out measures to continue teaching ...

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Proven Benefits of a School Management App from Parents View

Onne App is not just for covid.   According to a study conducted by KPMG, the online education market in India currently stands at USD 247 million and is estimated to witness an 8x growth over the next 5 years to reach USD 1.96 Billion mark in 2021.  So that makes India the world's second-largest school system after China. Yet, we are still behind when it comes to improving the standard of our education sector. School is not just a place that ...

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11 reasons why you need an app to manage your resident association

If you live in an apartment community, then you need an app to manage communication with your residents. Most importantly, you need an application to manage day to day operations in running the resident community. Here are 11 reasons why you need an app to manage your resident association. From sharing important information to collecting maintenance fees, from automating reminders to assigning multiple residents as admins for your committee, an app will help in reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency ...

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Things to remember while investing in a Society or Residential Management App

Mobile internet has been such a positive development in the country's digital progress, that in 2019, over 73 percent of India's total web traffic comes from mobile phones. Time spent by Indians on smartphones increased by 24% to 4.3 hours per day in March 2020. Getting a Society Management App or a Residential Management App is the right step to engage with your already digitised community. What is a Society Management App? A Society Management Software essentially takes care of the needs of ...

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The Secret Behind The Best Residential Apartment Communities

Do you live in a flat or an apartment in India? Are you a part of a community that has a residents association? In that case, communicating with the committee members will be a regular affair. If you become an active participant, it helps in understanding the living circumstances. You will also know the people and the society better, that you are a part of. Your neighbours will be from different backgrounds, sectors and will have different personalities. So as ...

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