This new and popular method is helping children in their all-rounded growth. And no, it is not a fad. What was done generations ago, like playing in the sand, walking barefoot etc helped children and adults in a lot of ways. Mindfulness taught them to be in touch with nature. By practicing Mindfulness one can be aware of the surrounding. Mindfulness helps to focus on all the senses and be self aware. Factors such as concentration, attention span and overall awareness increases as well. What are the benefits of practicing mindfulness in school? Why should schools teach this at an early age? To understand all of this, let us start with the basic question.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. It is a mental state achieved by focusing on one's awareness of the present moment. This is done by calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings. Or even thoughts, and bodily sensations used as a therapeutic technique.

How can one practice Mindfulness?

1. Start with a routine: Breathe. This helps to relax and bring in focus.
2. Prep children up - Let them know what they should expect in the next 15 min of the session
3. Know the impact of your surrounding - Be aware/ Be conscious
4. Bring in Elements to improves focus - touch, feel, smell
5. Let imagination take over - Visual stories lets the children paint the picture in their mind
6. Exercise - Physical activity such as running to increase energy 
7. Practice gratitude at a young age - Bring in gratitude jars or keep a notebook to thank for everyday blessings.

How to practice mindfulness in School Classroom? A quick read

There are plenty of books that will help you learn and practice mindfulness. Check them out below.

1. 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Mindfulness in the Classroom
2. The Way of Mindful Education: Cultivating Well-Being in Teachers and Students
3. Mindful Teacher, Mindful School: Improving Wellbeing in Teaching and Learning
4. Happy Teachers Change the World: A Guide for Cultivating Mindfulness in Education
5. Everybody Present: Mindfulness in Education
6. The Invisible Classroom: Relationships, Neuroscience, and Mindfulness at Work in School
7. The Mindful School: Transforming School Culture Through Mindfulness and Compassion
8. The Mindful Teacher
9. Mindful Games Activity Cards: 55 Fun Ways to Share Mindfulness With Kids
10. Mindful Minutes
11. The Mindful Child
12. Mindfulness for Teachers
13. The Power of Mindful Learning
14. Building Emotional Intelligence
15. A Still Quiet Place: A Mindfulness program for Teaching Children and Adolescents to Ease Stress and Difficult Emotions
16. Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness: A Guide for Anyone who Teaches Anything
17. Cultivating Mindfulness in the Classroom

Do you practice Mindfulness in your School? What do you do differently? Let us know.

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