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ONNE Mobile App Blog offers ideas, inspirations and actionable tips to help schools increase their productivity. Schools can increase their productivity upto 30% using ONNE. Learn how to save time, automate repetitive tasks and delegate work. Increase your business efficiency with ONNE mobile app for schools.

Bring your school, teachers, students, and parents closer. ONNE offers better communication that is developed especially for schools like yours. ONNE APP for School is an affordable solution that you can get in just three minutes.

Make use of the ready features available on ONNE app for better engagement. Features such as weekly timetable, progress report card, daily activity report can be customized and sent as beautiful templates. Mark absentees, create various groups, assign multiple admins, share photos, documents and more using ONNE app for schools. Collect payments, automate reminders and send instant payment receipts without having to manually do it. Get ONNE App for school today.

How to create and share assignments in your app on Onne

Share assignments, receive responses and share feedback, all from the homework assignment applet on Onne. If you have chosen any education based app such as school or tuition centre in Onne, click on the pen CTA button to find assignments. If you do not find assignment under the pen CTA, Click on Applets Select the + Add more Applets icon (only visible for owners of the app) Scroll under A La Carte section and Add the assignment applet Now you can tap on the assignment widget and ...

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Education During Pandemic: The Future

What is the future for education during and post pandemic? How will schools and educational institutions adapt to the changing needs keeping in mind the safety protocol and yet impart education in a successful manner? What steps do teachers have to take to tweak how teaching has been done for decades and will blended learning be the new normal? Let us take a look at the future of education and how important it has become, with or without Covid to take ...

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How COVID-19 has pushed us towards technology and transformed education forever

The covid 19 experience has taught the importance of digital learning to most of the schools. During the pandemic, consumers have moved dramatically toward online channels, and companies and industries have responded in turn. This is the case of acute disruption!   A total of 320 million learners in India have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and have transitioned to e-learning  ~ Weforum   In the case of the education sector, the lockdown has forced the schools to find out measures to continue teaching ...

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Proven Benefits of a School Management App from Parents View

Onne App is not just for covid.   According to a study conducted by KPMG, the online education market in India currently stands at USD 247 million and is estimated to witness an 8x growth over the next 5 years to reach USD 1.96 Billion mark in 2021.  So that makes India the world's second-largest school system after China. Yet, we are still behind when it comes to improving the standard of our education sector. School is not just a place that ...

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Record Real Time Attendance with ONNE’s Attendance Applet

Whether you run an office, a school, coaching institute or a college, marking attendance of your staff, employees, students and teachers is an everyday affair. In today's work environments, companies might need to allow employees to work from remote locations or work from home. Hence it is important to have an online attendance management system. As a HR manager, you need to mark the attendance of employees who attended a particular training program. Or it could be the number of ...

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Create Online Examinations With the New Forms Applet

One particular feature from ONNE's that will make your life easy is the Forms Applet. The Forms function is an extremely versatile tool. It's capable of accomplishing a numerous amount of tasks and can provide endless ways to improve and use your app.  The Forms Applet can create upto 100+ types of forms, each one serving a different purpose and function!  One very useful application of the Forms Applet, for schools and coaching centres in particular, is the ability to create Online ...

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One Feature. 100+ Functions. Introducing the Forms Applet

In our latest update, ONNE got a new major feature - The Forms Applet. The new Forms Applet lets you create different types of Forms such as: Application forms, Online Examination forms, Registration forms, Sign-up forms, Feedback forms and much more! How does it work? The Forms applet is a very flexible tool. It basically allows you to - well - create different kinds of forms! It can be used by several types of businesses in several different ways. Schools have plenty ...

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10 Benefits of Online Classes in your School Management App

Traditional schooling methods have been under question ever since the COVID-19 pandemic this year. School owners, principals and teachers are still trying to come to terms with this new method of teaching. Parents and students cannot be discounted here since they are trying to change and adapt to this new form of learning. No one knows when life will go back to normal or may be, this is the new normal? While meeting one-on-one, interacting, developing social skills and learning ...

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9 Benefits of getting a school management app

Benefits of getting a school management app are plenty. Let us look at these 9 obvious ones. If you run a school, save time, increase efficiency and go truly digital by getting your app on ONNE. ONNE allows you to send photos, videos, documents, and start live classes using the app. You can also have complete control as the owner of the app, by allowing or switching off comments on your posts. Ready templates for report cards, daily activity and timetables allow teachers ...

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15 Benefits Of A Getting A School Management App: ONNE

School management software essentially helps a school in increasing their productivity by providing a set of features and functions to automate processes, reduce manual work and improve the school’s efficiency in completing a specific task.It is also helps to improve communication between the school, its teachers, their students and parents.Good school management software or a school app takes care of the complete system cycle from student admission, sharing essential information, collecting payments to sending digital report cards and timetables.Here are ...

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