One particular feature from ONNE's that will make your life easy is the Forms Applet. The Forms function is an extremely versatile tool. It's capable of accomplishing a numerous amount of tasks and can provide endless ways to improve and use your app. 

The Forms Applet can create upto 100+ types of forms, each one serving a different purpose and function! 

One very useful application of the Forms Applet, for schools and coaching centres in particular, is the ability to create Online Examination in their app on ONNE. The different types of questions this Applet offers can be combined in many ways. It allows teachers to create various types of examinations that can adequately test students on each and every subject. Each question can be carefully crafted to suit the topic.  

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Creating online examinations with ease and speed is an absolute necessity in our digital age. 

Slowly but surely, society is embracing technology as the future. Several services; bank payments, shopping, calls, meetings - are all available online now. These days even the most important national exams are being held online, hosted by third-party organizations. Since everyone uses their phones for a lot of their work and personal matters, it makes sense that many services should be digitized. With the new Forms Applet, teachers can now use ONNE app for online exams without relying on third-party management. To ensure students are learning their topics properly and are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses before the main exams come up, teachers need to have a tool that's easy to use but gives them enough freedom to craft examinations in their own style. 

Regardless of curriculum, regardless of subject and regardless of purpose, the Forms Applet can be used by creating online examinations for school, tuition centre, coaching centre or college for any type of exam or test.

What is the importance of having an app that allows you to create questionnaires?

Creating an online examination would usually require hiring a third party software manager who will give you limited options to design your own exam which will be hosted on their domains instead of yours. On the other hand, with ONNE, you can create your own exams with no limitations while sending them to the users on your app all with no third party interference and all on your own schedule.

Is this only for creating examinations? Are there no other uses for the Forms Applet?

As mentioned above, the Forms Applet has an innumerable number of uses, with over a 100 types of forms that can be made. t can create more than just exams, restricted only by your imagination. And it can even create several types of exams and tests; such as online pop quizzes, Online tests be it weekly or monthly, online Term exams, Annual exams and so on.

Is hosting an exam on the school or coaching centre app important?

It makes a significant difference when a school or coaching centre hosts an exam on their own app. Additionally it saves a lot of time for teachers who would otherwise spend time creating exam questions manually. Not to mention that it saves a lot of cost as well by avoiding printing these questions as a question paper for each student.  By taking exams online, the school and coaching centre are able to go truly digital. If the school goes digital, it’s brand image and reputation will increase and parents will be reassured that their child’s education is in safe hands. The Forms Applet of ONNE will make conducting online exams easier for teachers, students and parents alike. The timing is more manageable and accessibility is far more easier without the need for an additional login process to an external site.

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What are all the types of questions offered by the Forms Applet?

There are four different types of questions available to choose from in the Forms Applet:

1.  Short Answer Questions 

These type of questions are of the sort that don't require much explanation or where the answer itself must be concise. Short answer questions use limited space, so students must think carefully about their answers. 

Ex: Q. What type of circulatory system does the human body have?

2. Long Answer Questions 

Long answer questions use plenty of space so essay-like questions or questions requiring lengthy answers can be used here. This will help open up a variety of different questions that can be used in the exam, from English essays, chemical apparatus or experiments.

Ex: Q. Write a short story 800-1100 words long beginning with the sentence 'It was a long dark night…'

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3. Multiple Choice Questions

These sort of questions are excellent for making sure students are able to discern the right answer from the given options. These types of questions are a method of checking if students are really thorough with their subject material and can help them understand difficult and confusing schemes and concepts.

Ex: Q. What does CaCO3 decompose into when heated?

  • CaCO and O2
  • CaCO2 and O2
  • CaO and CO2
  • CaO2 and CO

4. CheckBox Questions

These are pretty similar to Multiple Choice Questions but one key difference is that there can be more than one answer to the same question. Questions such as; selecting the right conditions for a reaction to take place, outlining the symptoms of a disease or choosing all the right laws of Physics being applied during a phenomenon.

Ex: Q. Which of these does not occur when a glowing splint is used to test for O2?

  • It relights
  • Nothing happens
  • A 'pop' sound is heard

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The Forms Applet is the perfect tool for creating the ideal examination for students but it can also do so much more.

  • Along with our unique notification ringtone that plays along with our push notifications, students and parents won't miss important messages or notifications about the online exams or tests using ONNE. Real-time notifications also ensures that no information arrives too late.
  • Forms can also be used for creating homework assignments. Teachers can quickly conjure up a test covering all the topics covered in a particular class .
  • The use of the Forms Applet for conducting online examinations using ONNE also means that there's no need to deal with an excess amount of paper, allowing teachers to evaluate papers on the go without dealing with the unavoidable clutter that several sheets of paper will bring.
  • Teachers will save time and effort by going digital, avoiding the headaches caused by organizing papers by hand.
  •  The Forms Applet is also capable of sending Forms to a specific group so the content can be specifically curated to a particular group. 

Get the Forms Applet now and turn your app into a true powerhouse!


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