The covid 19 experience has taught the importance of digital learning to most of the schools. During the pandemic, consumers have moved dramatically toward online channels, and companies and industries have responded in turn.

This is the case of acute disruption!


A total of 320 million learners in India have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and have transitioned to e-learning 

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In the case of the education sector, the lockdown has forced the schools to find out measures to continue teaching students. They frantically started researching on how to make the students attend the class so that they could ensure that their education continues without any hindrance. This situation has enabled them to prepare for scenarios that they never had foreseen. Schools have started investing in going high tech with fully remote schooling for the coming years.


A recent report also projected the growth of the online education market in India to reach $1.96 billion in 2021.


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Most of the parents who have not invested in an internet connection have understood how important a Wi-Fi connection is in the modern age. According to studies, at least one member of a family has a smartphone at home which makes digital learning easier. 

Digital learning is technology-enhanced learning, it is learning facilitated by technology that offers the students certain command over the place, time, and path. It offers teachers the chance to design engaging learning opportunities in the courses they teach, and these can take the shape of combined or completely online courses and programs. Most of the schools and institutions are adopting technology as a solution due to the lockdown and hence it’s important to acknowledge some of the major advantages of the digital education system.


The rise of the covid-19 pandemic has bought a sharp focus on remote learning. One of the solutions that the schools found was depending on mobile apps. The main benefit of it is that it is easily accessible as not all students can afford a laptop but at least one member in a house will have a smartphone. 

With 80 percent mobile phone penetration in India, a mobile phone-based educational system is the way forward during or post Corona


This has made the school realize that using a mobile app for remote learning is not only beneficial during the present situation but also will help a lot of students in attending classes if they have difficulties in being present at school physically. Suppose a student faces an unforeseen event in life and needs to be at home for a while, if the school has a mobile app he/she could easily attend the classes this would help the child from facing an overload of missed or pending classes when they are back to school. 

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It will also help differently-abled students to attend school from home if that is what they find more comfortable. Also, most of the schools have a practice of conducting extra classes when the portions are not over hence the students are asked to be at school on weekends but this is trouble for the child as well as the parent. As there is no mode of transportation provided by the school for extra classes the parent has to arrange or the child has to come alone all of this can be avoided if the teacher decides to use the app for the class.

Also, another thing that the teachers and students go through during the end of a term is to finish writing the notes hence the teacher passes the notes in rotation children take turns to take it home then there are sleepless nights to finish writing the notes, this can also be avoided if the notes are uploaded in pdf format into the app whenever the classes are over. 

Also if students want to go back to a particular class to cross-check, if the videos are uploaded in the school app it will help the child go through the study material and clear their doubts.

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Personalized learning solution

The opportunity to help the student learn at the best place suitable for them is the most important part of digital learning. Most often the teachers want to be able to give full attention to students in a full classroom but if the student finds it difficult to grasp a particular topic the teacher could always help the child through personalized learning. 

That is she could have a separate online session for the student and help guide them, even though it is time-consuming but it could help the student be right on track. As in most of the cases the moment a child loses focus then he finds it difficult to catch up with the rest of the class and then subsequently loses interest.

New learning techniques

The use of online learning also motivates teachers and schools to come up with new techniques to teach students, which helps them be focused and interested in the subjects. Schools have been dependent on the traditional chalk and board for years now and it is about time they use certain forms of innovation in the teaching process. Teachers can keep posting new fun elements in the app like games, puzzles, or other challenging tasks, which keeps the children motivated as well as stimulates the brain cells to actively metabolize the input unleashing a new perspective.

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24/7 Availability

Mobile applications are available all the time, unlike schools that have a fixed schedule. Students can attend a classroom from anywhere they want. App learning is not time-bound learning, it's relaxed learning. Most of the apps promote child-friendly control. Children should only need to reach out for the device when they feel like learning. Little children can operate it without much effort. Mobile app for schools is one of the wisest choices of utilizing your free time actively.

Sharing Updates

School Apps keep the parents updated about news and events taking place in school thus saving the teacher from having to contact the parents individually or from using a social media group which is not the safest or professional form of contact in any way. It saves the school from a lot of money as there is no need to print diaries, posters, or notices to reach parents instead all of this can be done by using a school app. It saves energy, time, and money. Thus the parents are always updated about announcements regarding the course, class timings, schedule, and school policies with a click.

Avoid unnecessary travel

The parents are needed to come to school for various activities such as school payments, to keep track of their progress, etc; however, that often gets difficult due to lack of time in today's busy lifestyle. Sometimes parents often fail to visit, as there is professional pressure and work stress, making it tough for them to concentrate on their child's growth at the school fully. However, with the availability of school apps, parents can be in touch with the school of their children. School apps allow the parents to be involved in the Child's life by not missing much. They can use the app for payments for other purposes, it saves them from the whole process of physically being present at school, standing in a queue, and paying the fee.

Also, attendance-management apps maintain the attendance of students, so that teachers can have a keen eye on the students. It makes it easy for both teachers and parents to keep a track of the attendance of students. Thus even if the student misses one class the parent will be notified immediately no need for the parent to wait till the next visit to the school or being dragged to school just to be informed that the child has been absent.

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Continuous Learning

One of the best things that happened due to this pandemic is that most of those who had stopped education midway have decided to join the online classes available on various platforms. It has made them realize the importance of education especially when most of them are facing unemployment. A lot of private online courses are coming up in apps that help them choose and attend classes according to their convenience. 

While millions of trees are cut down for making papers for the traditional method of learning, mobile apps in education require just a download. It means greener earth for future generations. That is one of the most important messages that we are supposed to convey to the coming generations. So let us go digital and go green.

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