Running a small business and relying on multiple tools such as whatsapp, messenger, email etc to keep in touch with your customers, users or members?

Businesses need an app with features and functions that allows them to increase their productivity, save time and in turn increase business revenue.

Chat applications are unstructured, noisy and come with a lot of distraction. Onne offers a powerful app with functions that your business needs. And it takes just 3 minutes to get your app on Onne. 

Which are the businesses who can get an app on Onne?

Get an app for any of the following businesses on Onne.

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How can your Business get a FREE App on Onne?

You are just 3 steps away from getting your app on Onne

2) Enter your mobile number and verify OTP
3) Select Personal under the list of options ( This is completely FREE)

The Basic App of Onne has 12 awesome features and is FREE for you to use, FOREVER

It is suitable for any small and medium businesses, freelancers or even individuals who would like to structure their communication and work smartly - something a chat platform doesn’t offer. You can use the Basic App to

 Share Photos, Documents and Links

✅ Have Face-to-Face Video Calls

✅ Create Invoices & Receive Payments

✅ Have Private chats

✅ Have Unlimited Members or Groups

✅ Automate Payment Reminders

✅ Have Threaded communication

✅ Have Various Admin Level Rights

✅ Create Events and get RSVP

✅ Send Alerts

✅ Member and Admin Management

All of these functions are free to use.

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If you want more functions relevant to your business need, choose from any of the ready bundles available on Onne. 

Some of the readily available app bundles on Onne are school app, coaching centre app, music group, dance group, yoga group app also called as activity app, residents association app, alumni, clubs, small business and more.

These are app bundles curated for your business with features additional to what the basic app bundle offers such as forms, timetable, report creation, attendance marking and more.

PICK APPLETS or SPECIFIC FEATURES: Add individual features or called as applets to your personal app bundle and continue doing your business.

Benefits of Onne

Structure your communication

Threaded communication helps to streamline messages and track easily. Be it posts, alerts, events or any applet on Onne, members can engage under each message thread to have clear structure.

Engage Meaningfully

Unlike chat, Onne offers a host of functions relevant to your business needs. Pick features you like. Collect Payments, manage tasks or assignments, live chat, reports, attendance & more on Onne.

Have Complete Control

Varying level of admin access allows you to have complete control of your app. Provide restricted access to important sections of the app, such as your finances or documents.

Automate Payments

The Payment feature makes your account management a breeze. A dedicated payment dashboard allows you to check payments received and those pending with automated reminders to do the follow up.

Delight your members

Ready templates make the creation, receiving and sharing easy for both business and members. Reports are dynamic and augenerated into beautiful templates to save your time.

Send Absentee list on the Go

Here is a flexible way to mark and manage attendance - Make them day wise, class wise or group wise. Attendance reports can be generated for any day and exported to a CSV file for later use.

Group for effective messaging

Group your users into various groups to send relevant and useful communication to them. Unlimited groups and unlimited members in each group gives your business flexibility and control.

Make Report Creation a Breeze

Why create reports manually when they can be automated in Onne?Report is sent individually with the option to include personalized notes.

Secure and Easy to access

Make your app public or private. Public app provides free access to anyone who wants to connect. In private apps, you will need to approve users.

Zero Coding

You need not have any coding knowledge to get your own app on Onne. Choose features relevant to your business and get going with your app in just 3 minutes.

Digitise your business with Onne!

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