Share assignments, receive responses and share feedback, all from the homework assignment applet on Onne.
If you have chosen any education based app such as school or tuition centre in Onne, click on the pen CTA button to find assignments.

If you do not find assignment under the pen CTA,
Click on Applets
Select the + Add more Applets icon (only visible for owners of the app)

Scroll under A La Carte section and
Add the assignment applet

Now you can tap on the assignment widget and create your first assignment.
Give a title for the homework and description. Choose any of the attachment options below. You can attach photos, videos or document files in pdf format.

Select Due date for your assignment by clicking on the toggle switch below.

Once you set the date and time, your assignment is ready to be sent.

Select the group or the student you want to send this assignment to.

You can either share this assignment to another admin of your app to approve it before sending it out OR send the assignment directly to the students.

Option 1 - Submit for Approval
You can share this assignment you just created with another admin of your app. They can help approve before sending it out. If you want another admin to approve the assignment, select CONFIRM here.

Option 2 - Skip Approval
If you do not want another admin to approve what you created, click on the Skip button to send the assignment right away.

Click on the send button below and your assignment is sent.
Students will receive a push notification in their Onne app.

Assignment will also appear on their wall for them to take action.

They can submit their response to the assignment by writing, attaching photos, video or a pdf file in response.

View assignments submitted by all students in one place.

If they do not submit before the due date set by you, both student and admin will see this as a pending task in their app.

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