ERP Softwares that are available in the market right now are expensive. We get it! After looking at the list of school management ERP softwares and coaching centre management ERP we realise that, to get a decent app or software for your school or coaching centre, you need to spend north of tens of thousand dollars. Infact, elaborate school management systems like Fedena costs a little over 30,000 Indian Rupees a year. While these softwares are expensive, they are also loaded with features, that make these developers command such prices.

However, small and medium businesses are not looking for such elaborate ERP softwares. They are keen to get a solution that provide the necessities, to manage their business, without the frills a complete ERP system comes with. 

So if you run a coaching centre business or a school and want to get a fabulous School Coaching ERP Software On a Tight Budget, here are some of the things to look for. 

Do remember that, just because you are looking for a product on a tight budget, you don't need to compromise on features and functions that you require. Technology more accessible these days and the current prices indicate that. Thanks to the mass production of any hardware or scalability function developed in all software, technology has become more affordable than ever. 

So why pay top dollar to get a School or Coaching ERP Software for your business when you can get what you need for less?  Irrespective of the budget you have, here are a few things to consider.

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1.  Look for Staples First

One might say that they need the moon when it comes to a list of requirements, but when you're on a tight budget, look at the most important features or functions your school or coaching centre  actually needs. We recommend doing this with a systematic approach. 

  1. Make a list of all the features you would like to have in your software
  2. Create two categories - 'Need to Have' and 'Good to Have'
  3. List the features that are absolute necessary under the ‘Need to Have’ and the ones you can do without under ‘Good to Have’

‘’Everyone uses Microsoft Excel these days but how many of them are actually using Excel to its full potential? But we end up paying a full suite cost to Microsoft Office, don't we?

What if we can just pick and choose functions that we need and only pay for those? Wouldn't that be cool?’’

2.  Take Advantage of a Free Trial

A firsthand experience of the app or software will show you exactly what you want to buy. A trial period will let you explore the software, test it and give you the confidence which specific School or Coaching ERP Software is the one you want to buy. However, some companies may not provide all of their product features during the trial period.  ONNE offers a  free trial period for you to explore ALL the features of the school or coaching centre app or software.

Annual cost for School App

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3. Evaluate Customer Support

One of the best ways to select a School or Coaching ERP Software is to see what kind of support they have to offer once you buy the product from them.

Are they reachable through calls or emails?

What is their response rate if you raise a query?

If you have a problem, how soon do they find a solution or rectify it?

You can assess this by viewing the contact details they provide on their website and their social media pages. Otherwise, by purchasing cheap  software you may think that you got a deal, only to realise later that there are issues you are unable to resolve due to poor customer support.

4. Look up Quora for Feedback

Quora is a great platform for content. A simple search on Quora platform with the keyword School ERP or management software will provide lot of content to help you to evaluate the merit and demerits of several software before choosing one. We did a quick search on Quora for a  School management software and here are the results.

The best mobile app for school management on Quora is ONNE

5. Keep an Eye on Transparency

There are plenty of school / coaching centre ERP software available in the market. But most of them do not list their pricing on their website or their app. It can mean one of two things:

1) They are expensive and do not want to tell the price on the website right away


2) They want to asses you as a customer and then quote a price. This price will vary from one school to another, based on the company’s assessment of you. 

Not fair right?

ONNE App pricing for School and Coaching Centre

Trustworthy School / Coaching ERP Software have transparent prices. Whether it’s a relatively new addition to the market or a well-known product - They will display their price for you to see. If you do not find the pricing on their website, think twice before engaging with them.

ONNE school ERP management system is priced at Indian Rupees 6348 per year

School App

ONNE coaching centre management system is for Indian Rupees 5345 per year

Coaching Centre App

6. Look for Hidden Costs

Some companies may promise a lot of things for the price they offer for a school or coaching centre management software. But always lookout for hidden costs. Some of them are

  • One time-time setup fee
  • A limited number of users allowed
  • App maintenance cost

Most of them charge a one time setup fee initially, which you may not be aware of.  ONNE does not charge any setup cost what you see what you get is their policy

Want a fabulous school or coaching centre app or ERP software for less than Indian Rupees 5000 a year? Get ONNE.

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