When you own and manage a playschool, the primary focus must be on providing good education, a safe environment and a space that nurtures and helps children gain 



overall growth. But running a school comes with a whole lot of other responsibilities that are inevitable and must be met. Parent-teacher communication is one. Or school report card to keep parents in the loop. Managing mundane tasks such as attendance and leave management. Or keeping track on online school fees collected and sending reminders to parents. And more.

There are only so many hours in a day and how teachers utilise that time will result in the effectiveness and efficiency of managing the school.

Did you know that being productive is no rocket science?

It is all about putting systems and taking deliberate actions to improve one’s efficiency.


Instead of scrambling to do so many things in a day, do few things at the same time. As they rightly say, it is not the number of hours teachers put into work, it is the amount of work you put in those hours. This article will take you through actionable steps to actually improve your school productivity by 30%. Now imagine what you can do when you have an additional time in hand? You are able to focus on the business side of things and at the same time boost the teachers morale, improve efficiency and overall happiness for both parents and teachers alike.


Track and limit time on chat

If your school uses a chat app to keep in touch with parents and students, it's time to rethink communication. Although chat apps are easy to use, it takes away a lot of productive time by creating unnecessary distractions. Either put a restriction on the number of times teachers will pick the phone to respond to chat messages or get a Parent teacher app for your school.

Reduce Manual Entries in School Diary

Teachers spend a lot of time in a day writing on children's diary or notebook to send messages to their parents. This could be to inform about an activity such as , ‘come dress in red’ on a tuesday or a reminder to send notebooks to school et all. Such manual effort is time-consuming and taxing for the teachers to manage the class. If you get a mobile app for your school, these kind of activities can be automated and managed in one single tap.

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Manage Attendance and Leave

If teachers have to spend time to mark and manage attendance of the children attending the school and also notify parents about the no of leaves taken manually, it takes away from their productive time. Instead use modules such as leave management, readily available in School Management software.  With the free school app, parents can apply for leave online and teachers can send status on leaves to parents.


Reduce Printing and Distribution

If you send school time table to parents as a print copy, it is time to stop printing and go digital. You will not only go eco friendly by not printing 100’s of copies, but also set a good example as a responsible school. And imagine the time that goes in placing these printed copies in each of the child's diary? Instead all you have to do it send the school time table to different class section you have created in a school apps on platform like ONNE.


Get Event RSVP Instantly

It is difficult to track event confirmation from parents and students when it is over a platform like chat. If your school has an app with an event function, you can share event details, location, timing etc and even get RSVP. Nudge or remind parents who are yet to confirm through your app itself. Save time by automating than manually recording confirmations.

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Automate Reminders

Imagine if you can schedule anything you want to send ahead of time and not worry about sending them to parents at the last minute? What if you can plan your entire calendar year and set these reminders ahead of time. It helps your teachers focus on day to day activities and also causes less strain on last minute communication which can hijack your time.


Track School Fees

Collecting school fees payment online and keeping track on who has paid and who are yet to pay is taxing. It takes a lot of manual effort, be it via phone calls or as notes in the child's diary or an email or sms to remind parents to make the payment that is due. Sometimes it gets difficult to know who has paid and who are yet to pay. School management software will help you track all that without having to reach out to multiple platforms to communicate.

Schools that have their app on ONNE say they have been able to improve school productivity by 30%. Which has helped them focus on other things. Does your school use a chat app to keep in touch with parents? Read about the pros and cons of using a chat app for your school.

If you are looking at improving your school productivity, get your school app on ONNE.




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