Running a school is not as easy feat. Parents want the best possible outcome for their children. Right from providing an enriched academic experience to

seeing their child happy to having the peace of mind. They want to make the right decision by choosing a school that provides wholesome growth.  It is tough on parents and teachers to set and match expectation.

‘’The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education’’ - Martin Luther King, Jr.

When students feel safe, supported, respected, and valued in their environment, the foundation is set for them to learn and achieve their best. For Schools Administrators, running a successful preschool is not just about making money but also about providing quality education, nurturing children to have a wholesome growth and impacting their minds in a positive way.

What makes a successful schools stand out of the crowd and sought after by parents. We did a study and here are 9 effective ways to make your preschool successful and keep it growing.

Create High Level of Engagement


Motivating students is one of the ways to create high level of engagement. The dependency lies mostly with the class teacher who interacts with them closely on a day-to-day basis.

"Students who are motivated and engaged in learning perform higher academically and are better behaved than unmotivated and un-engaged peers"

Some of the ways to do this are to enhance their self belief, provide an environment that is welcoming for diversified cultures and creating learning opportunities that are active and  collaborative for them. Give meaningful praise and timely feedback that will help students know what they are doing right and where they need to improve.  A good school communication app will not only improve engagement but also keep parent teacher communication going.

Provide a Positive School Culture

In order to set a positive culture, it is important for the school administrators and teachers to be a role model and set the tone. A positive school culture is when we invest in people and build relationships. Everything depends on how teachers connect with their students. It is important to teach them social skills, problem solving methods, cater to individual needs and have pre defined rules set in place.  By getting parents involved, this can seamlessly flow into the child's house as well.  Identify the best school school app for parents teachers communication and with students as well.  It is all about building relationships.


Have Effective Leadership

What happens on the top, translates all the way to the bottom. A good leader sets the vision of the  school and ensures that everyone, from the teachers to the support staff follow them right through. A good leader will lead by example, is selfless, a problem solver, a great listener, understands each child’s strength and weakness and knows how to treat them equal, yet expect differently to make it a better environment for them. They also evaluate each one thoroughly and makes decisions that are most beneficial for the entire school. 


Have Ongoing Assessment and Evaluation

Preschool Teachers who develop assessments provide corrective instruction, and give students opportunities to demonstrate their success. They also improve their instruction and help students learn. Assessment has to be beyond one shot learning.For example, if a 2nd grade student performed bad in maths during the first exam and had improved considerably in the last exam, instead of assessing her performance against other students in the class, it is important to assess based on her growth and improvement from the first test she had taken. It also helps teachers change their teaching methods to best suit the students.

Focus on Wholesome Growth

An all round development is more important for children than just academic grades. Education is crucial to character-development. Children become better individuals, they begin to respect themselves and people around them. In addition to the curriculum, teachers must teach children in their early age about strengthening their character through inculcation of tolerance, kindness, humanity, nurturing and hygiene.


Provide Dedication and Care

How a child is treated in school has a big impact on his personality development. Some teachers make positive impact on the children. So much that even when the child get old, they remember them fondly. Having well-qualified, well-paid, stable staff, low child-adult ratios, and efficient management are some of the things administrators need to focus on. A good teacher will lure in more students. This happens because of word of mouth praise by existing parents and helps the school grow.

Have Mentoring Programs

Not all resources need to be in house. Some options could be bringing in a child care specialist from other places and having mentoring program. This will bring in a completely new perspective and understanding to the children. They might lack this kind of exposure -   a different learning methodology. Mentoring programs help kids develop confidence in a young age. It also helps them build self-esteem and skill sets they need along with vast exposure to other cultures.

Empower and Involve Teachers

Empowering teachers and staff gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility.  Research shows that when administrators use tactics to increase teacher empowerment, teacher morale also increases. Administrators must invest time in teachers growth as well. Empowerment also increases productivity when teachers have more time to collaborate and learn from other faculties. By providing a mobile app for school, teachers will be able to better manage their time. Best parent teacher communication app helps teachers to focus more on their students as well.


Have Parental Involvement

While keeping communication going is the key. Parent teacher communication tools help to send reminders, information, notices, event invites etc to parents. If there is a preschool teacher parent communication app such as ONNE, parents and teachers can stay in touch, communicate effectively and efficiently. From collecting online school fees, to sending class time table and receiving leave application forms, ONNE  helps preschools to manage their teachers time and also boosts the schools image in front of parents. With ONNE, preschools can send school fees online payment reminders, share exam schedules, send child school report card, schedule posts, share photos, videos, documents and more to keep in touch with parents.

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