''According to a global study commissioned by Automation Anywhere, in India, out of 1,000 participants surveyed, 88 percent believe humans should not be carrying out repetitive administrative tasks if they can be automated.''

Imagine the amount of time that will be saved by automating tasks with reminders!

Not knowing how to use automation will make you look like a  rookie. But by the end of this blog, you will not only learn how to use the alert with reminder function, but will also understand how it can significantly save your time.
Let us get started with the basics.

What is Automation?

Automation is an important feature used by many people on a daily basis to save time and organize work with ease. The function of an alert with an automated reminder is to make sure you don’t miss out on follow-ups with your team, members, customers, or patients.

Benefits of Alerts with Automated Reminders

Improves concentration: You have the ability to focus on whatever you are doing without having to keep reminding yourself about an upcoming meeting or webinar or appointment. 

Stay in Track:  It will help you to plan the day or week in advance and keep track of your work, team’s work, and other members involved enabling you to finish work and stay on track on deliverables that are due.

At Onne, our own team realized the importance of reminders and how they simplified the way we worked and therefore built this interesting feature.  

How do Alerts with Automated Reminders work in Onne?

In Onne Business App, you can set Alert msgs with reminders and the app does the automation for you. Sit peacefully and continue your daily routine.


The alert function is completely free to use and helps you to notify users about important messages, information, notifications, etc.


Alert function can be accessed by the following ways.

1. Open Onne Business App -> bit.ly/onne-business

a) Click on applets and select Alerts or

b) Click on the pen icon and select Alert function

2. Give a title and body message 

There is a 150-word limit so remember to keep it short.

Alert button on the bottom of the screen gets activated.

3. Set automated reminder

If you do not want the reminder to be sent, you can switch off the reminders by clicking on the toggle switch.

Select the group or the user you want to send the Alert message to. Click on the send button and the Alert message is sent. That’s it. 

Remember: Keeping the reminder on means no manual effort on you to send reminders to your users.

4. End users are notified

Users are instantly notified with your Alert message.

They will also view the Alert message on their wall.

When the reminder option is selected, the user will be reminded promptly at the interval you selected. 

Let Onne take care of your tasks and help you be more productive in your work.

Try exploring the feature yourself and give us your feedback.

Access Onne Business App and increase your productivity today.


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