In our latest update, ONNE got a new major feature - The Forms Applet. The new Forms Applet lets you create different types of Forms such as: Application forms, Online Examination forms, Registration forms, Sign-up forms, Feedback forms and much more!

How does it work?

The Forms applet is a very flexible tool. It basically allows you to - well - create different kinds of forms! It can be used by several types of businesses in several different ways. Schools have plenty of uses, ranging from admission forms to online examination to online quizzes and feedback forms.

Schools can use their school mobile app to create any kind of forms using the forms feature/ applet. A company dealing with cars could use requisition forms and order notices and gyms could make use of registration forms for different membership plans and survey forms to come up with ideas. The possibilities are many but, even better, they can be adapted for your own personal needs. The addition of the Forms applet in ONNE makes the app usable by practically any type of business. For School management software and coaching centre software, the forms is a great addition.

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The Forms applet lets you choose from pre-made templates based on the most commonly used questions to create forms. If that doesn't work for you we also provide you with an option to create your own form that contains only the questions that you've selected for it. The forms can be sent to individual users, certain groups or all of the users onboard your app.

What are the benefits of using Forms Applet to create different types of forms?

Saves Time

Use forms to quickly collect only the information you need from your users

Using forms is a cost-effective method of collecting data and communicating with your audience 

Forms can be sent to a single user or many users connected in your app with just a click. Wider reach and give your business more attention 

Forms are a very secure method of collecting sensitive information from your users such as personal details and addresses and such.

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Types of Forms

Surprisingly, a lot of people are unaware of the different types of forms available. Most people are familiar with Contract forms and Admission forms as they form a part of daily life but some of the more distinctive types of forms evade notice by the general public. Let's look at a few examples of some of these:

 1) Online Examination

Looking for an online examination software? Easily create app based online exams and online tests using the Forms applet.. With 4 types of questions to choose from, creating an online exam is easy using the ONNE App. Choose from these 4 types:

  • Long form: Your respondent / student can respond to your question with long essay style answers. 
  • Short form: Not every question needs a large explanation. The short form type of questions will limit the answering space to get concise answers.
  • Multiple choice Questions: Create survey-type questions by allowing your respondent or student to select the most relevant answer
  • Check Box Questions: Another simple question format that expands upon multiple choice questions by letting more than one answer be selected. 

The forms applet is versatile, enabling the creation of online examinations for your school, college, tuition or coaching centre while making sure you receive adequate answers from respondents. 

2) Promotions and Appraisals Forms

Employers can use promotions and appraisal forms so their employees can fill required information to request for a promotion.

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3)  Admission forms

Admission forms are very common, mostly used in schools. Students and parents can fill in an admission form to get their child admission into your schools, colleges or coaching centre.The admission forms is a great addition to you mobile app for school or coaching centre app.

4) Aptitude Tests

You can create an aptitude test for almost anything! Run a coaching centre for certain subjects? Test applicants to see if they have the aptitude to study in your centre. Are you a psychologist? Create aptitude tests to discover the traits of your clients.

5) Sales Contact 

Similar in style to Contact forms but different in the type of information collected. A sales contact form is used to receive sales related information from your users and vice versa. It's a simple and straightforward method of directing your users towards your sales team and maybe even securing a loyal customer. 

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6) Customer Feedback

This isn't particularly uncommon but it has more uses than its name suggests. More often than not, these forms are only used by businesses that directly sell you a product or service such as online clothes shops or restaurants but businesses indirectly selling these such as schools that provide education can still receive feedback on the quality they provide and the quality that's expected out of them. 

7) Quizzes and Contests

Organizing an online quiz or contest? Brilliant. Contests are an excellent way of increasing engagement amongst your users and they also build up brand awareness. Your users can enter the competition using the online quiz you create in the forms section and it makes organizing both a breeze. 

8) Donations

Running a charity drive can be pretty complex depending on its scale. Several churches periodically run fairly large charity drives depending on their size and they can be hard to manage. However donation forms chip in here to collect only the information you need, filtering out a lot of unnecessary information. Donations aren't done to improve your brand image but to contribute to the less fortunate branches of society.

9) Polls

Polls are a fantastic method of interacting with your users to discover their needs and their expectations, give you more information for you to plan the next moves your business will take.

Add The Forms Applet for just $ 20 per year 

That's only a few of some of the lesser known types of forms. It's limited by your imagination but there are at least 100+ variations out there. Depending on the business or organisation you are part of, the forms feature / applet will help you reduce manual effort and increase efficiency in gathering data at ease.

If you're still using chat platforms or other social media chatting platforms to communicate with your team, customers and partners, students, parents, members albeit with many, many distractions then download ONNE today!

ONNE is packed with features relevant to your business needs and comes at an extremely affordable price. Don't believe us? See for yourself!


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