Apartments and Residential communities needs a software or a mobile app to communicate and keep in touch with the residents. Some apartments have their own apartment management software and it helps them have a structured form of communication with their committee members. A lot of residential apartment complexes are relying on chat applications like Whatsapp and email to keep in touch with their residents. 

Not only getting a customised app developed for resident association time consuming and cost heavy, maintaining the app, making regular upgrades, fixing bugs etc are not feasible for the association. Residents committee members choose chat platforms to keep in touch. Chat apps have a set of problems.

Online Chat apps are great for personal use. Whatsapp has over 1.5 Billion Users and everyone we know has WhatsApp on their mobile. It is easy to quickly save someone's number and start chatting right away. Residents associations have a set of needs. Chat apps like WhatsApp do not solve their needs. 

Let us look at the pros and cons of using an online chat platform like WhatsApp for managing the resident associations.

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There are essentially four things every resident association needs:

1) Internal communication among committee members
2) Communication between committee members and their residents
3) Managing payments - Collecting maintenance fees and sending receipts.
4) Planning and organizing meetings and get-togethers.

If you want to improve your communication with the residents and increase efficiency, get your apartment or society complex an app on ONNE. Let us weigh the pros and cons of using an online chatting platform for your residence association management needs.



Most popular and used by practically everyoneGreat for personal use. Difficult to retrieve messages because of constant scrolling. Chat apps only provide linear thread in communication.
Free to use tool for anyoneIt is free and hence has its limitations. Resident Associations cannot collect maintenance fees, have multiple admins, automate reminders, send instead payment receipts. 
Great for two way communicationNo history or trail to retrieve messages. Residents will have to read messages as a chat thread only. They cannot respond with their opinions, comment with their opinion on polls, share feedback in private which is available in the resident association app.
Get instant responses from residentsTakes away a lot of productive time of committee members as they have to constantly check messages of not just the resident group but multiple other groups as well.

A great chat app

Residents Association needs a tool beyond chat. For example: Creating Events and getting RSVP or collecting maintenance fees. Tracking payments, uploading and easily retrieving important contact details cannot be done using a chat platform.
Can create multiple groups for associationMany groups means more distraction and no control or structure. Committee members have to spend a lot time going through irrelevant messages.
Can send unlimited messages in the groupCannot unsend messages that are sent in chat. Cannot delete sent messages either. Lack of control.
Simple, intuitive and easy layoutCannot customise templates that are suitable for your association. 
Can send posters of upcoming events as text and imageCannot get exact RSVP. Have to manually count the number of residents who have typed Yes/ No or other messages to keep track of people attending the event.
Ability to send any information on chatThere are no place to store important information such as emergency contact numbers of police, ambulance, doctors, or building layout plan.

Are Chat Apps like Whatsapp a good tool for the Residents Association?

If you are a residential apartment or complex who has more than 30 residents, an app like ONNE will be a great tool to manage your residential apartment communication and needs. Creating multiple groups, assigning other members of the committee as admins for these groups will help you effectively distribute tasks and responsibilities.  If you have an active committee using  WhatsApp, to plan day-to-day operations,  it is best to use a mobile app for your residential apartment or society complex.

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There are two ways to get a residential apartment management software. You can either develop an app from scratch using the help of app developers or opt for a ready to use app like ONNE. ONNE provides residents with apartment management app/software in just 3 minutes.

If you choose to develop your own app, it is time-consuming and expensive to build. If you opt for an app on ONNE, you will be able to start for as low as $ 38 per year.

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