A great tool for personal communication.  

A not so great tool for doing business! 

Let’s face it. 

Whatsapp, is a chat platform that helps in exchanging messages between two individuals. Or between few individuals in the form of groups. Although they have a new app called Whatsapp for Business, potentially targeting business owners, it is still a chat platform only. 

Pro: Everyone is on whatsapp. It makes it easy to get in touch with anyone in a jiffy. 
Con: Too much noise. Too much clutter. Bombarded with personal and business messages

Pro: Sharing pics, documents is super easy
Con: Has no thread of communication. Have to search manually to trace old posts

Pro: Sending messages in one tap. Super easy UI
Con: Lacks structure. Does not have features catering to a specific business need.  

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Whatsapp for your School

For example, if a school is using whatsapp to keep in touch with parents, it is chat and has forward messages, unwanted attachments and more

If a school uses an app like ONNE to keep in touch with their parents, they can make use of a number of applets that are ready to use such as timetables, homework, progress report, Event RSVP, posts, alerts, payment collection, account reconciliation, photo sharing and more.

Businesses are relying on whatsapp to communicate and keep business going, simply because they have not found an alternative, YET.

ONNE aims to solve that pain for businesses by giving them a ready to use app.

Take a look at ONNE app for schools - It is as easy as whatsapp but a powerful business tool.


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