Onne App is not just for covid.  

According to a study conducted by KPMG, the online education market in India currently stands at USD 247 million and is estimated to witness an 8x growth over the next 5 years to reach USD 1.96 Billion mark in 2021. 

So that makes India the world's second-largest school system after China. Yet, we are still behind when it comes to improving the standard of our education sector. School is not just a place that is meant for a student and a teacher, education is not bound to happen in closed doors. 

According to a research study by Ronald Ferguson, "Nearly half of a child's achievement in school can be accounted for by factors outside the school, including parent support." Consequently, the most important support any child can receive comes from the parents. Yet in an Indian school system, a parent gets to know about the Child's development only when the exam results are published and the report card reaches home. Half of the time children are distracted and lack focus that the parents do not even know about the exams or any report cards because it is dealt with by the students themselves. 

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Don’t you think this should change, the parents should be more involved in the Child's day to day activity?

As parents are busy working so that they can provide for the family we know that it is not easy to keep a tab on the child’s education daily. But the school management can help them be a part of their child’s growth by just taking a step towards digitizing, going online. 

Let us explain the benefit of having Onne app in your school from a parents' perspective.

Once the school contacts us we get in touch with the authorities of ONNE, we provide a demo, explain the features, and help them install the app. Within 3 minutes, school gets their app on ONNE. The next step is for the school to invite the parents to the app, a link will be sent to the parents mobile and as soon as they click on the link the app is installed in the app. The parents need to fill in some simple information like their name and mobile number which is verified using OTP for security and tada, They are inside the app.

The parent is connected with the school using the ONNE App platform immediately.

So let’s take a close look at the App’s feature and understand how it will benefit the parent.

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Attendance Applet

The crime rate towards children in India is increasing at alarming rates. It is one of the most concerning things for a parent. The moment the child leaves for school till the child comes back the parent is tensed worrying about their safety. This applet ensures that they are informed whether the child has reached school, attended each session, and boarded the bus safely. When a child is marked as absent or present instantly the parent’s app is notified through a pop-up message. This way they also know if their child is attending all the classes and not bunking.

Daily Activity report Applet

This applet is designed keeping in mind the tiny tots who miss their parents when they are in school. Even though they get accustomed to school some children still get homesick the moment they enter school premises. Through the daily activity report, the teachers get to notify the parent about what all activities the child does for that particular day. We have differentiated the activities into Literacy, Activity, Play, and Numeracy. 

So when the teacher fills in the information the parents are notified about what the child learned, for eg: did he/she learn alphabets, numbers, or learn any new sport all of this will be noted in the report. This helps the mother/father to revise with the child daily as we all know a Child’s foundation in education starts with preschool. The better they grasp at a young age the more it will help them excel. Similarly, we also have one more feature in the applet which is a section where the teacher fills in the child’s mood details along with information on the child meal. 

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Just imagine at the end of the day the mother/father gets a report from the teacher that the child is happy/sad and whether the child had a healthy meal? This will help the parent to plan accordingly. If the parent knows that the child was upset today so they can do something to cheer them up and brighten their mood, if they had a half lunch they can make something different so that the child had a heavier dinner. So the Daily Activity Report becomes a savior for a parent who is clueless about the behavioral change in a child, this report will give proper information on the Child's mood and thus the parent can act accordingly. 

Progress Report Applet

An open house day/ report card day can turn out to be a hectic day in a parent's schedule. Also coming to the school discussing the marks and how the children did, comparing them with other children all of this can be avoided if this applet is used. The report card can be typed and sent professionally to each of the parent apps. All the details can be mentioned in the report card including remarks by the teacher. 

This will help the parent not only from avoiding the tension in finding time to come to school but also in being calm and discussing with their child. If the school does not have an Open house day instead they send the report card with the student and ask them to get it signed, what is the guarantee that it is being signed by the parent itself. We have all been there and done such things, but do we want our kids to repeat the same thing.

Don’t we deserve a chance to know how the child is doing in school and help the child in whatever way we can then this is the first step? Be involved in your children’s studies and make them know that no matter what we can help them succeed. 


Alerts applet

Children sometimes can be naive, they tend to misunderstand the parent and avoid details like there is no school tomorrow or there is no extra class on the weekend. Instead, they choose to still pretend to go to school and have fun with their friends. Now it is not wrong in having fun but until and unless the parents are kept in the loop about it. This alert function allows the school to send short messages about any emergency information that they want to send out, “No school tomorrow” being one of them.

Events applet

Suppose your school still follows the practice of writing down in a diary about coming up events it will be easily forgotten by the parents until they keep a reminder about it on their Phone. This applet does the same thing but instead of the parent creating a reminder, the teacher creates an event and sends it out instantly the app reminds the parents about upcoming events. Now, how cool is that, there will never be an opportunity where we miss the meetings at school or forget to buy a party dress for our child.

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Average cost of printing a diary

$ 0.27

Total Students


The total cost of getting diaries for the school

$ 350 X 0.27 = $ 94.5

Total cost of ONNE app for Schools is Only $ 90 / year

Below every event, the teacher can fill in a description so the parent exactly knows about the details of the event and be prepared in advance. Also, the parent has an option to select whether they will be attending or skipping the event by clicking on the YES, NO & MAYBE options so the school is also informed about your presence. 

These are just some of the features in the school app that we find are most important for a parent. With ONNE app schools can also have live classes, collect school payments and create many class groups and assign teachers as admins.

If the school decides to partner with Onne App it will benefit the school as well as the parent at the same time. 

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