Whether you run an office, a school, coaching institute or a college, marking attendance of your staff, employees, students and teachers is an everyday affair. In today’s work environments, companies might need to allow employees to work from remote locations or work from home. Hence it is important to have an online attendance management system. As a HR manager, you need to mark the attendance of employees who attended a particular training program. Or it could be the number of days they worked in a month. As a school teacher, you need to mark attendance of the students who attended a particular class or session. And so on.

School admissions have started. Why not get your admissions done through your app?

? Imagine not having to print admission forms or asking parents to come to the school and fill it.

? Imagine parents fill the admission form through your app and you just download it in a digital format and keep it safe.

The latest feature of ONNE, the attendance applet allows you to mark real-time attendance of your students, teachers, staff, employees on the go. You can now get rid of piles of paperwork and digitise the whole experience of marking attendance. 

When a user is marked absent, a push notification along with a message on the user’s wall is sent instantly. 

Who can mark Attendance?

The admins, super admins or the owner of the app has the access to this feature. Admins are those who will only see groups that are assigned to them. Super admins can see all the groups and users in their app. 

So how does Attendance Applet work?

Open ONNE Business App and click on Applets. Tap on Explore more applets and select the attendance applet from the a la carte section.

Select the date and click on the + button at the bottom of the screen. Here you can name your session / class / topic in order to mark attendance.

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You can choose to mark attendance based on a single session or for multiple sessions. You can create any number of sessions you want on a particular day. Just select the time slots and name for each session.

Once you select the specific group you want to mark attendance for, click on the All button to mark everyone who attended the session first. Once you select all, go ahead and deselect the users who did not attend your session.

You will see the message at the bottom of the screen which confirms the number of users who were absent. Click on the arrow button and the attendance is marked. You will see that the attendance you marked shows up on the same attendance applet screen with the total present for the particular session or a whole day.  Tap on it to see details of the attendance.

You can also export this data as a CSV file to any mail, drive or cloud space of your choice.

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Access records of your attendance anytime by selecting the particular day in the attendance applet section. 

Another way to check attendance is by clicking on the ‘Check Records’ button. Attendance based on groups you have created can be checked. All you have to do is select the date and access this information. 

The attendance marking applet of ONNE will help companies mark attendance for their employees and staff members. It is also a great feature for education institutions such as schools and coaching centres to mark attendance for teachers and students. The attendance marking feature can also be used by religious organisations such as churches in which members can be marked as absent for a particular day.

Since ONNE app provides multiple hierarchy access using the Admin level functions, each group can be managed by a manager or a teacher while the owner of the app or the head of the organisation can easily check these records to know how many are present and absent for any given session or day. Marking school attendance or marking coaching attendance or marking college attendance or marking employee attendance has never been easier.  

Benefits of Attendance Marking Applet of ONNE

1) Your Data is Safe 

You don’t lose your data even when you change your mobile. ONNE App works with your mobile number. Just login and all your data will be ready for your access instantly.

2) Have Complete Control

Notifying parents about the attendance of their child has been made super eas with the instant notification facility. It also makes the life of the HR manager in any office less difficult because of the attendance automation. No more manual checking of who attended office or not. Ready records can be accessed before pay day or before any parent teacher meeting. Access information class wise, group wise or day wise. 

3) Flexible Attendance Marking

Choose if you want to mark attendance for a session or a whole day. You have the flexibility to choose based on how your organisation or planned sessions are. 

4) Export Data anytime

Share attendance information with the export facility with your higher authorities, employer or even parents so they know how their child attended the class in the past. Multiple sharing options are available within the app which you can use and export CSV file of the data.

5) Save time

 No more manual roll calling and time consuming check on who attended the session or class. Select all as present and just deselect the ones who did not attend. 

Simplify working processes and improve the productivity of your team using ONNE attendance applet.


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