Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, Onne, Discord, Google chat, etc are some of the common tools employers, organizers or business owners use. These tools aim to increase business productivity and have effective engage colleagues, members, users or customers.

Slack is a collaboration hub that offers organized spaces called channels – to bring teams together for sharing information using relevant tools.

Microsoft Teams allows you to chat, call, and even collaborate with your team members in just one place.

Whatsapp, the most popular messaging or chat app is practically used by everyone, be it for personal communication or engaging with their team members.

Onne app is a simpler and organized way to do business. You can communicate, remind, report, store and more, from a single app. It allows you to automate tasks and improve customer engagement. It is a freemium app with most of the important features free of use. The app offers a single platform with multiple tools, which helps us save time and be more organised. Some of the features in Onne are chat, posts, threaded messages, alerts, online meetings, forms and invoice.

Short disclaimer: Our team works passionately on Onne, an app that is simpler and organised to do business. We keep trying different softwares to understand their pros and cons as users. This has helped us develop a simplified yet powerful tool to increase productivity.

The use of productivity tools has been on the rise since covid. 

Great Place to Work’, compared employee productivity from March to August of 2020, the first six months of stay-at-home orders, to the same six-month stretch in 2019. Remote work productivity was stable or increased when working remotely from home, according to a 2-year study of 800,000 employees. And this has been possible only with the help of good communication & productivity apps.

Since the benefits of instant messaging tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams etc have become quickly obvious, we created an easy comparison of Slack Vs Teams Vs Whatsapp Vs Onne so you can choose what works best for you.

Slack Vs Teams Vs Whatsapp Vs Onne

Features Slack Teams Whatsapp Onne
Developed/Owned by Slack Technologies Microsoft Facebook, Inc. AB Initiatives Pvt Ltd
Launched on  2013 2017 2009 2020
Available on IOS/Android/PC IOS/Android/PC IOS/Android/PC IOS/Android/PC
Pricing Free Basic Plan. Standard plan (starts at $6.67 user/month)Plus plan (starts at $12.50 user/month) Free plan with limited functionality starting from Rs.125/user Free with limited chat functions Free plan offers post, alerts, events, invoice and folders. No charge per user. Only charged for additional applets
UI Not easy for first time users Easy to use Easy to use Easy, clean and simple layout
File Storage limit 5GB of file storage available for free 2 GB for each user and 10 GB of shared storage Up to the storage space of your smartphone Unlimited
File upload limit 1GB 250 GB 100 MB 250 MB
One-on-One chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Group chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Threaded communication Yes No No Yes
Create groups/channels Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audio Calls Yes Yes Yes No
Video Calls One to One on free plans paid plan only 15 users at a time Free plan supports 100 participants at a time 8 users allowed in a group call Free. 99 participants at a time. Zoom integrated for VC 
Video quality Basic High Basic Basic
Screen sharing Only with paid plans It depends on the OS, will have to integrate 3rd party softwares No Yes
Privacy No. People can search and view any profile and details No. People can search and view any profile and details No. People can search and view any profile and details High. Only admins can see the user profile and info , none of the users can see each other details
Productivity tools Not in Free plan Not in Free plan Not available Yes, lots of tools available in free plan
Design Customisation Yes, several themes and options available Yes, only dark and light theme available Yes, can choose theme from dark and light and change chat background Only Logo customisation available.
Branded profiles No No No Yes
Customised Notifications Yes Yes No No
Document Management Yes by integrating 3rd party apps Yes by syncing information with Onedrive No Yes. Comes with a dedicated Folder section
Task Management Yes Yes No Yes
File sharing in pdf, video and image  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edit option Yes Yes No, once send cant edit , can only delete Yes
Attendance Marking Yes by integrating 3rd party apps No No Yes
Event Management Yes with google calendar Yes No Yes
Automated Reminders No Yes only for meetings No Yes
Payment Collection Paypal integration No No Local & international payments. Credit, Debit, Netbanking and UPI available.
Invoice  In Support of other apps In Support of other apps No Yes and it's free.
Customer Support Only through mails or submitting request through their site Only through mails or submitting request through their site No 24*7 support through, calls, chat and mails
Integrations Only in paid plan Only in paid plan No Yes, limited options but  available in free plan
Moderation & Permissions Limited with free plan Limited with free plan Limited Highly flexible

So Slack , Teams, Whatsapp or Onne, which one to choose?

All the softwares has its own positives and negatives. Choosing the best product for your business depends on the features you need and your budget. By looking at all the 4 apps we can understand that the basics of these softwares are almost the same. But the pricing point of Slack and Teams is on the higher side. In that respect, Onne is a better choice for small and upcoming businesses. 

Onne app does not charge per user, it only charges for the add-on features that you choose. There is no user limit or storage limit. Chat is free for unlimited users with no cap on storage. 

Onne can be used by different businesses, group or organisation


It is very easy to use, the organization needs to create the company profile, then create groups or teams and start inviting members. Different levels of admin access can be given to manage the groups. It is that simple and it only takes 3 minutes to install and start using. If you are looking for a cost-effective productivity and communication app then Onne is the best choice. 

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