Manual Invoice creation and management will cost your business time and money. A report from Mckinsey states that CEOs could save 20% of the time they spend on financial tasks that could be automated.

It is also said that an average employee in an accounts team can manually process up to 5 invoices per hour. But did you know,

Electronic invoice processing is 3.5 times more efficient than paper processing?

The best invoice management app or software helps companies not only save time and effort but also automates processes, provides reports and makes tracking easy.

What if Businesses can focus on their core, such as growing into new markets, building features customers want, providing excellent support and service while an invoice management app takes care of the financial side of things?

All for FREE!

Sounds too good to be true? That is what Onne for Business app offers. A no frills, completely free, and easy to use invoice management feature for small businesses.

Before we jump into the invoice management feature, 

Note: Onne also offers a host of other functions for SME’s in addition to payment collection and invoice creation features. Have structured communication, private chats, send alerts, photos, docs and links, mark staff attendance and more.

Let us come back to the Invoice Management feature.

Creating Invoice on Onne is a breeze. Enter a title for the invoice, due date and description along with the amount. Just 4 data inputs, and a branded invoice with your business logo is auto created!

1) Collect Payment Multiple Ways

Customers will have the flexibility to make the payment to your invoice through various payment options. From UPI to credit or debit card, from Visa to Mastercard, making payments on the go has been simplified on Onne. Both businesses and customers will find the payment module easy to use, and also super effective, as it saves both their time.

2) Send Payment Reminders

Once an invoice is sent to the customer, automated reminders kick in. This means, as an accountant in the office or a small business owner, you do not have to manually follow up on payments. Phew!!

We understand how awkward it is to ask for payments everytime and this feature literally saves you from it.

Reminders go out a few times before the due date and also after the due date has crossed.

Imagine having to rely on word or excel to create an invoice and then send it out! Time consuming, old school and there is no way to track it. Onne app’s invoice feature makes tracking easy.

3) Flexibility to Send Now or Later

Create any number of invoices you want and choose when to send them out, immediately or later. With an option to send later, you can keep invoices created for later use, saving a lot of time.

Customers will get instantly notified and will be able to make the payment online anytime.

One Feature. 100+ Functions. Introducing the Forms Applet

4) Track Payments Received

Use the Payment history section to know who has made the payment, online or offline using your app on Onne. Payment information gets automatically captured when customers make the payment using the app.

At any given point of time, businesses can have an overview of the payments received and what's due to them.

The dashboard also shows various payment invoices that have been created. One tap on it will allow you to duplicate invoices, share them with new customers and view payment history with detailed payment transactions.

5) Send Invoices Individually or to Groups

With your app on Onne, businesses can create an invoice and send it to a specific user or to a group. If it's a school, the accountant can send one invoice to the entire class. If it's a freelancer, he can create one invoice for one customer and so on. Depending on your business needs, you can share invoices accordingly.

6) Send Instant Receipts

Why generate payment receipts manually or through print, when it can all be auto-generated from your app on Onne? Customers will receive payment receipts on payments they make to you instantly. And receipts are sent out with your logo and branding.

Create Invoices for FREE

7) Share Invoice outside the app

If you do not have your customers connected to your app, you can still create invoices in beautiful branded templates and send it across through email, WhatsApp, or another platform they currently use.

Onne App offers powerful features and functions for small and medium businesses to go digital. If your business relies on chat apps like WhatsApp and multiple other tools to manage business, Onne is a single platform that helps you to automate processes, manage routine tasks and increase business efficiency.

Looking for an affordable app to take your business online?

Try Onne app, a platform that provides ready apps for any small and medium business who currently rely on multiple tools to do business. Increase your business efficiency by 30% with Onne.

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