In the last blog we spoke about 7 qualities of the best preschool teachers. What are the other ten? Read to find out.


Crucial period of a students’ learning starts in preschool. This is the age to establish good manners and to develop their character. It is important to keep communication clear at this age so students understand what they are expected to do, what is right and wrong and also follow classroom goals set by teachers.

Best Preschool teachers are able to create interest, enthusiasm, remove fear and inhibition from students using their communication skills. They also use technology in keeping communication going without any clutter and confusion.

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When you deal with a bunch of toddlers who are supercharged by eveready battery, teachers need to match up with their energy level. Teachers of a good quality preschool are able to pace up or even better, outrun the energy of preschoolers. Therefore when children are tired and taking their afternoon naps, preschool teachers are busy creating reports and sharing timetables with the parents.


“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Best Preschool teachers have a thirst for knowledge. Must want to learn and stay abreast of the latest trends happening around the world that will help in applying some for your own school.

Listening Skill

Teacher of a good quality preschool  will know when to talk and when to stop and listen. Preschoolers are a curious bunch. They question everything as they see the world with a different perspective. Best preschool teachers listen carefully and answer to these questions, helping children understand better and also learn and grasp new concepts.


This is probably the second most important quality of a preschool teacher after passion. Preschool teachers deal with various situations and with children of different abilities. A day in a preschool is nothing less than being eventful.

Best Preschool teachers do not let minor things bug them, accepts that mistakes are bound to happen with kids of this age, and are collective and calm during situations that are not very pleasant. This helps kids to trust and reach out to the teacher more often. They also build confidence in trying new things instead of the fear of being reprimanded.

“ I am not a teacher, but an awakener. ” – Robert Frost


Children who were lucky to have compassionate teachers grow up and develop gratitude and compassion themselves. Compassion builds trust. When students begin to trust you, you start trusting them as well. It is a two way process.

How to be a compassionate teacher?

  • Know your students and the lives they live.
  • Actively listen to them
  • Ask students for feedback
  • Reflect on your own experience and find room for improvement


Confident preschool teachers build confident kids. Teachers are a reflection and children mimic them knowingly or unknowingly. Confident teachers are not only able to make their point across crystal clear, but are also setting an example of how the next generation should behave.


Teachers are expected to help students learn and prepare them for the coming years. But the best preschool teachers go the extra mile to make sure their students feel welcomed, accepted and heard. They play close attention to the children mood, facial expression, and even the tone of their voice. They practice and preach kindness in the classroom.


Children are like sponges. They absorb everything they see. Good, bad and ugly. Preschool Teachers should have a high level of maturity when dealing with situations especially those that are problematic.

How teachers manage conflicts define their maturity level.


A proactive teacher makes a proactive student. Best preschool teachers are constantly looking at learning new things to implement in the classroom, are willing to help the school administrators beyond their role of teaching and want to be actively involved in a lot of activities that calls beyond their scope of work.

Proactive teachers are also constantly looking at ways to improve their communication. They avoid using chat platforms like whatsapp for communication.

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If you are hiring a preschool teacher, look for these qualities.
If you are a preschool teacher, how many of them have you checked 🙂

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