Schools rejoice. They can now focus on better education instead of getting dragged into mundane routine tasks. School fee payment online reminders, generating manual invoices, sending text or whatsapp messages on upcoming online fee payments, matching payments received with their records to name a few. But should all of this take away a lot of the school’s time?

With growing technology, schools need to embrace the digital age and automate processes to make life easy. Not only does a Mobile app for school or School Management software help schools and parents communicate, but it should also offer features that are specifically designed keeping schools in mind.

Imagine this. Parents are busy and it gets difficult for them to visit the school and make payments. Isn’t it convenient to provide a system where they can make payments virtually from anywhere? What if the school’s system is automated to receive, record and keep track of payment follow-ups and also schedule next set of reminders? All of this without much interference from the teachers or principal.

ONNE mobile app for school or School Management software has a ready to use online fee payment module which will do all of that. Schools can now collect fees from parents easily. How does ONNE simplify payment collection process for schools?

1. Create Invoices Online

With the help of the online fee payment module of ONNE, schools can now create invoices in a jiffy. With an option to choose a one time payment or a recurring payment, schools have full control on their invoices and how they would like to generate them.

You can give a title for the invoice, choose date, provide a breakup of the school fees, enter the amount and it is ready to be sent.

Schools can create any number of invoices and choose to send them immediately or save it to send later.

Parents will get instantly notified and will be able to pay school fees online with the invoice shared by the school.

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2. Send Payment Reminders

Imagine the stress of sending the same reminder to all the parents on school fees payment due with a line that ends, ‘’if already paid, please ignore’’

This can get frustrating for parents who have already made the school fees payment. It also takes away the teacher or the principal time, as they need to dedicate time to resend reminder of fees due.

Imagine if the whole process is automated. Reminding parents on the upcoming fees 14 day prior, another reminder 7 days prior, another reminder on the day it is due and a follow up reminder on school fee payment that hasn't been paid 2 days after the due date! All of this,  automated and only sent to those parents who have not made the school fees payment online payment or offline yet.

3. Track Payment Received

Use the Payment History section to know who has made the school fees payment, online or offline using your school app or school management app such as ONNE. Payment information gets automatically captured when parents make payments using ONNE school management app. They can also choose to make payments offline and enter the transaction details within their ONNE school fees payment app. Schools can cross-check the online fee payment received and confirm. This way, all payments made to the school, be it offline or online can be tracked from one place.

Once you know who has made the payment, you can set automated reminders to collect online fee payments from those, that's due to you.

4. Have a check on your overall Payment Dashboard

At any given point of time, have an overview of the payments received and due to you. On your school apps or school management app  such as ONNE, you will see the accrued total amount that is due to you and also the online fee payment you have collected in the last 30 days at any given point of time.

You will also be able to view the various payment invoices that you have created in your payment dashboard. One tap on it will allow you to duplicate invoices, share them with parents and view payment history with details payment transaction.

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5. Send Invoices to various groups

With your school mobile app on ONNE, schools can create common or specific payment plans and send it to all or specific classes in the form of groups. 

All schools have to do is title the payment plan with the group or class name and add different description to it. You can send the invoice immediately to specific parents or groups or save them and send it later.

6. Send Instant Receipts

Why generate payment receipts manually or through print, when it can all be auto generated from your school apps on ONNE? Parents will receive payment receipts on payments they make from your invoice. 

7. Collect Payment multiple ways

Parents will have the flexibility to make school fee payments to your school through various payment options. From UPI to credit or debit card, from Visa to mastercard, making payments on the go has been simplified on your school apps on ONNE. Schools and parents will find the payment module is easy to use, and also super effective as it saves both their time.


8. Payment collection is super easy

An easy UI will help schools create invoice and share payment plan to parents in less time. Create invoice on the go, check for receipt of payments, set auto reminders and more. There is no need to worry about the school fee payments received from now on.  All of it gets auto tallied and displayed in the dashboard. 

ONNE provides a free mobile app for school. The best school management software of ONNE helps school parent communication apps hassle free. 


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