Are you relying on chat apps like Whatsapp, Telegram or Messenger to engage with your members or customers and do business? Do you run and manage a Facebook page struggle because not all of your members get to see your posts? Get an app for your business on Onne. It’s Free!

Reduce the Noise

Chat apps like WhatsApp or Telegram are cluttered and noisy. Have clutter free communication with your members or customers using your app Onne.

Structured Messaging

Create any question you want your members to respond to. Avoid manual checking and counting. Instead receive messages with clear structure.

Protect Members Privacy

Whatsapp exposes people’s contact number. In Telegram you can still message other members in the group. Protect members' privacy by hiding numbers in your app.

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Access to the Management

Separate management and member section help members see the listing of the management committee or the organizers if they want to get in touch.

Better Communication

Send instant alerts and notifications to customers or members using the app. Messages go out as push notifications 

Collect Payments

Create invoices and collect payments. Automated payment receipts are generated and sent to your customers. Payment reminders help in saving your follow-up time.

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Share Important Documents

Have a repository for all important documents and files. Members or your customers can access these documents for their easy reference.

Create Events and get RSVP

Create events and get to know how many customers or members are interested to attend. Share reminders and manage events successfully.

Create any number of Groups

There’ s no limit in the number of groups you create on Onne. You can add any number of members too with no restrictions.

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Send Reminders

Reminders can be sent as instant alerts to members or customers about an upcoming event, sale offer, to make a payment or more.

Your Gallery

Photos you share will be available in the album section for customers or members to access anytime. They can like, comment and engage with you easily.

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Share anywhere

Anything you create on your app on Onne can be shared on various social media platforms such as Facebook or Whatsapp.  Messages go with your business logo and branding. 

Multiple Admin Access

Onne App offers three levels of admin access. Set restrictions on who sees your payment section and who has access to the members of your app and more.

Have More Control

In your App, you can choose how you communicate with your members or customers. Toggle between keeping the comments ON or OFF based on if you want a response from them. You can also delete any comment posted by members at any point of time.

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Onne app is designed to automate all the manual repetitive tasks you do. Creating and sharing information is easy. Retrieving it is easy as well and will save a lot of your time.

Choose Features you Want

With Onne, you have the flexibility to choose which features or applets you want to use for your business. Choose from a suite of free or paid Applets.

Stay connected with your customers or members and build healthy bonds by getting your business an App on Onne.


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