Mobile internet has been such a positive development in the country's digital progress, that in 2019, over 73 percent of India's total web traffic comes from mobile phones. Time spent by Indians on smartphones increased by 24% to 4.3 hours per day in March 2020. Getting a Society Management App or a Residential Management App is the right step to engage with your already digitised community.

What is a Society Management App?

A Society Management Software essentially takes care of the needs of the housing society. It provides features that helps your community to better engage, coordinate and do things efficiently. It saves time and manual work of the committee members and also provides structure to the way you engage with the committee members and residents.

Here is pretty much everything you need to know about Society or Apartment Management Software

Benefits of a Society or Resident Management App


A society management software has immense benefits in running a society or apartment. 

Centralised Documentation

A single storage space where all your documents are recorded in the cloud and ready to be accessed from anywhere, at any given point of time. You can store your apartment floor plans, layout, approval documents and more.


Getting a mobile app to manage your society in this day and age must be with ease. Whether you are home, at the office or on a holiday, get access to what is happening in your society. If you are one of the committee members, share important information irrespective of your location using your app.

Seamless communication

The benefit of getting a society or resident management app is that it provides seamless communication with the residents, committee members, staff and people connected to your app. A mobile app is a structured communication tool that works as a single stop solution for multiple needs from live video conference to sharing documents and collecting payments.


The role and responsibility taken by a committee member often goes unappreciated. This is a no profit, no revenue responsibility often taken on by volunteers who are residents of the society or apartment complex. Therefore a mobile app for resident management helps in maintaining transparency amongst committee members by having visibility in transactions and communication within the app.

Payment Collection

Your society management app will enable payment transactions facilitating maintenance of payment records, clarity on maintenance changes and more.

Save Time

Automate processes of sending information, reminders on payments and sharing important documents instead of relying on time consuming excel file or word documents to create circulars and notices.

Manage Activities

Keep the community active and engaged by hosting various activities using your resident management app. Know how many are willing to participate in real time. Send reminders for residents who are yet to respond to your event activities. Share photos and videos of events later that will stay in your society app for easy access and future memories.

Better Control

With multiple admin level access and varying levels of access, provide control to other committee members to manage different parts of the app. This helps in delegating some of the work, yet having complete control in knowing what is being shared in your resident management app. Also opt beweek how you want to communicate with your members. Keep comments turned on or off based on the nature of your message. Move members to different groups based on their roles.

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Having understood the benefits of getting a society or residential management app, let us now dive into the things to remember while investing in one.


There are 3 important parameters to consider while getting yourself a society or resident management app.

1) Is it Affordable?

A good society management software must be affordable for the residents. This is mainly because managing a society is not a business by itself. It has to do with like minded people coming together to manage daily operations so it is beneficial for their residents. An affordable app does not mean you have to compromise with the features and functions it provides. 


If your society is relying on chat applications like whatsapp or similar, then an app which provides some more structure and control with features for payment management, member management and information sharing will do the job. The questions you need to ask are


  • What does the cost of the app include?
  • Will I be charged separately for storage?
  • What if there are some bugs in the app? Who fixes it? 
  • Does this cost include maintenance of the app? 

ONNE maintains your Residents Management App for as low as $ 38 /year. Try for FREE!

2) Is it Reliable?

When you find an affordable society management app for your apartment complex, the next question is on the reliability of the app. If an app comes for low cost, then the question you need to ask are,


  • Where is the app hosted?
  • Who has access to my data?
  • Is my data secure?
  • What is the guarantee that the app will function through the year without any downtime?

ONNE is hosted on AWS server which means 99.9% times the server will not go down. Start now. 

3) Will I get Ongoing Support?

Before finalising your society management app, ask the app developers what kind of support is provided during the time you have the app. Is it going to be an app sold to your apartment and then the developers are not available for any of your questions or queries? The question you need to ask are,


  • What kind of support do you provide post sales?
  • Do you have a separate customer support team to answer our queries?
  • How often can we reach out to you?
  • What are the modes of communication? Email? Whatsapp? Calls?

ONNE provides ongoing support to customers during the entire subscription period. Get your App.

Still have questions? This detailed article will tell you what you need to know about Society or Apartment Management Software which covers the issues, benefits and why you need to get your Society Management App on ONNE.

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