Nonprofit organizations play an important role in the development of a society by improving communities and promoting member participation. NGOs take up and execute projects to promote the welfare of the community they work with. 

Unlike businesses, NGOs have always maintained a minimal digital presence and depend heavily on physical meetings and awareness in order to achieve their goals. 

NGOs rely on platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram to inform, educate and keep in touch with their members. This highlights an imminent issue – Lack of proper productivity and communication tools designed keeping NGOs need in mind. 

Why are chat apps not a great choice for NGO communication?

  • Lack of clear structure in messaging
  • Lack of features relevant to NGOs need
  • Nightmare to manage many members
  • Planning becomes extremely difficult
  • No order or hierarchy
  • A casual platform where work is not taken seriously

What is Onne?

Onne or Onne Business App is a simple tool developed for NGO’s to communicate, message, store, share, engage and plan their activities efficiently. It is a platform that provides hierarchy and structure for organizers to sort and segregate members and communication. With multiple admin level access, organisers can bring in structure in managing their NGo digitally. 

Unlimited member and group management essentially helps NGO bring all their members, volunteers, admins and organizers onto a single platform for better communication, coordination and structure.

So here are the top benefits of using Onne to manage members & communication for your NGO

1) Visibility and Credibility

Numerous NGOs are born on a daily basis and it gets difficult for people to understand how many of them are genuine and how many claim to be what they are. All these new sprung NGO’s use whatsapp and telegram to bring members into their group.

Using a tool like Onne will help your NGO stand out from the crowd and gain brand credibility. Onne offers features and functions relevant to NGO’s needs will establish that your NGO is here to do serious work. This will help you create more visbility 

2) Better Member Management

Using Onne, you can manage the daily activities of your NGO/Organization better. 

An NGO usually has events, volunteer interactions, discussions with members, fundraising events, etc on a regular basis. There are features already built in Onne. Get member registration online, plan and organize events, send reminders, receive member RSVPs,  create alerts, share messages on different social media platforms from the app itself. Communicate with volunteers from a single place.

Instead of maintaining a number of excel sheets, word docs, depending on Whatsapp, using various software for accounting/billing, etc all of these can be done within a single platform.

3) Improve Engagement & Relationships

The key point of better management in any kind of organization is communication between members, employees, volunteers, etc. Depending on multiple platforms always increases the gap between those involved in the NGO. Having a productivity and communication tool like Onne will allow you to access your members and volunteers from anywhere, at any given point of time using a single app. 

So why is Onne  the best mobile app for NGO management?

The answer is simple and easy.

  • Onne is the only app in the market that provides you with all the features needed for NGO management within a single platform 
  • Onne is a productivity software provided on a mobile as well as a web platform. It has a suite of features developed carefully meeting all the requirements of businesses to improve productivity. 

It’s FREE for NGO’s and members. 

What are the features available in Onne for NGO management?

1) Users, Groups & Admins

Onne allows you to invite unlimited users and differentiate them into groups as per your criteria. Each group can have unlimited users and the groups can be managed by unlimited Admins. For example, you can create a group for volunteers belonging to a specific city and then assign managers as Admins and manage them like they usually do. The only difference is they can do it better using the app.

Onne has various levels of hierarchy that can be used to assign your members accordingly. For instance, Admins will be given limited access while a Super Admin can enjoy better rights within the app.

2) Onne Talk – Private Chat within Onne 

This is a communication tool available within Onne. This tool is a platform that enables admins of the NGO to have One-on-one or group conversation with all the members and users.

It is a private and secured platform. Unlike Whatsapp and many other social media platforms, Onne Talk does not show the user’s profile information or contact information to each other. Only app owners and admins can see contact data.

That is one of the main benefits as an NGO might have thousands of volunteers belonging to different parts of the country who would not want to share their identity with unknown people. Hence protecting users’ information and guaranteeing their safety will, in turn, improve the trust that they have in your organisation.

3) Manage Events 

Event section in Onne, allows you to create events, add supporting documents, save it as a draft or send it immediately. The users can RSVP to the event which gives you a clear idea about the number of attendees for the respective event. You can turn on the comments and improve the interaction or visibility of the event.  The event can also be shared outside of the app to various social media platforms which go out in a branded template.

4) Automate Reminders

Create a reminder with a customized message and send it to the users. Select time intervals to repeat the reminder, reminders go out in a different tone and template making it difficult for the recipient to miss it. The reminder function helps reduce a lot of manual work as sending reminders is one of the important tasks for an employee of an NGO as they do not want the members, donors, and volunteers to miss out on an upcoming event, and thus sending out reminders is very important.

5) Folders

Save all the files and documents in a specific folder so that it is accessible to anyone at any time. This can help you save all the study materials, information of the NGO, rules & regulations, terms & policies, etc. It can help you save a lot of time as you will not have to send this information all the time manually, you just have to inform the members and users about what all data is available for reference and you can leave it right there. 

6) Registration form

For NGOs. It is important to record their members, volunteers, and donors’ information. Organizations may need to contact them at different intervals to update them on new events and other information. Using forms you can create a customized registration form which can be forwarded to all of them and asked to fill.

NGOs can also create forms and share the links through any social media platform and ask to fill. These forms will be saved inside the forms section under the specific forms. All the responses will be available individually and accessible at any time. 

7) File sharing

It is always important to keep your followers updated about the activities of your NGO. Onne allows you to share files supporting pdf, image, and video format. These files can be shared with the members, volunteers, or anyone connected with the app. Also, the files can be shared with only a selected group of people as well. For better engagement, you can turn on the comment section and make messages live and garner more attention.

8) Live video meetings with Integrated Zoom

Post covid everyone has realized the importance of having an online platform especially to conduct meetings. Zoom is integrated within Onne to make video conferencing easy and accessible with a single click. You can start a meeting and send an invite to the participant by clicking on the name of the group or single connected users. The users receive a notification which they can click on and join, they don’t have to log in, it is very simple and easy to use.

Onne has a lot more to offer and you can always explore the features available in the app by checking their applet store. Going digital and depending on technology will help you simplify coordination for your NGO related activities and balance your work and life.

Get Onne for managing your NGOs volunteers and members today!